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Required clinical placements

A required clinical placement is one that you need to undertake to complete your health studies.

If you are enrolled in a health education program at an Australian university, and you have a mandatory clinical placement requirement, your education provider’s placement coordinator is responsible for organising a placement within a Queensland Health facility on your behalf.

Step 1: Know which type of student you are

There are two different types of deeds within Queensland, depending on your education provider. To minimise confusion, these will be referred as Group A and Group B.

It is important that you know which type of student you are under these categories.

  • Group A student:
    • You are likely to be a Group A student if you attend a tertiary education facility in Queensland or interstate, such as a university.
  • Group B student:
    • You are likely to be a Group B student if you undertake your study in a registered training organisation (RTO) in Queensland or interstate.

Please refer to the full list of education providers to be sure of your category.

Step 2: Contact your education provider’s placement coordinator

The placement coordinator will:

  • contact the Queensland Health facility placement coordinator
  • negotiate placement availability and details on your behalf
  • advise you of your placement details.

Step 3: Complete your mandatory orientation

It is your responsibility to complete the orientation requirements prior to commencing your placement. These requirements, including online training modules, are described in Preparing for your clinical placement.

To undertake the online training modules, you will need to access iLearn. Please be aware that the process of generating a password for iLearn can take up to two working days.

Orientation requirements are the same for Group A and Group B students.

Step 4: Gather your documents

You will need to provide evidence of a number of things before you commence your placement. These include:

  • outcomes of your orientation learning
  • required legal documents.

Different documents must be completed depending on whether you are a Group A or Group B student. Documentation requirements are explained in Documents for your clinical placement.

International students

Please note: If you are undertaking your placement as an externally enrolled scholar, you must sign the Overseas Student Deed Poll.

You are an externally enrolled scholar if:

  • you hold a visa issued under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) allowing you to undertake the placement as an overseas student, and
  • you are enrolled as a health professional student with an overseas university, and
  • you or your university has negotiated a placement with a Queensland university holding a current Student Placement Deed with Queensland Health.
Last updated: 30 July 2019