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There are a number of documents that must be uploaded to your online RMO application prior to submission. Please note that all documents are mandatory and must be uploaded, if you do not have copies, please email for assistance.

Download the Document checklist (PDF 249 kB), which will assist you with the document requirements.

  1. Medical Degree – If English translation required refer to AHPRA registration process for English translation.
  2. Medical Board of Australia registration requirements and renewal. (Required to be certified)
  3. Proof of Identity
    1. New applicants: must provide three (3) current identification documents from the list below. At least one (1) document must be a type of photographic ID, with a signature and date of birth. A current passport or Queensland drivers licence is preferred.
    2. Current Queensland Health employees: must submit just one (1) identification document that contains photographic ID, a signature and date of birth, a current passport or Queensland drivers licence is preferred.

    Note that 'Proof of Identity' documents uploaded to your application are required to be certified.

  4. Curriculum Vitae/Resume - Facilities prefer that candidates use the Queensland Health Medical practitioner CV template (DOC 320 kB). Alternatively if you are using your own version, please ensure that it includes a 'verification statement', and is signed and dated. (For example, I verify that the information contained within this Curriculum Vitae is true and correct as at <insert date> and sign)
  5. Evidence of vaccination or non-susceptibility for any, or all, of the specified vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) must be provided at time of application. Pathology testing results for the following vaccine preventable diseases: hepatitis B, measles, mumps, Covid vaccine, rubella and varicella are acceptable forms of evidence. There is no time limitation/ expiration for serology results. It is important to note that in the case of pertussis, there is no acceptable evidence of immunity. Candidates must provide evidence of the receipt of a pertussis-containing vaccine within the past 10 years. Please refer to table 2 in the guideline (PDF 390 kB) for further information.
  6. New applicants must complete a Queensland Health Criminal History Consent Form (PDF 283 kB). The witness needs to be over the age of 18.
  7. Two (2) referee reports - completed and submitted via the online RMO application.

Read more about requirements to practice medicine in Queensland.

Other documents required by overseas doctors

Apart from the above mandatory documents, overseas doctors may be required to upload the following documents:

*Please note that for overseas candidates, local documents issued by equivalent overseas authorities may be accepted. When the name shown on the documents differs from the person’s current name, the person is to provide sufficient evidence of their name change (e.g. certified copy of marriage certificate).

Refer to HR Policy B1 (recruitment and selection) (PDF 661 kB) for more information.

Identity Document List

Identity document list*

Current passport

Australian drivers licence

Australian student photo ID

Australian proof of age card

Australian citizenship certificate

Birth certificate

Health care card

Medicare card

Pension concession card

Utility bill (e.g. water,gas, electricity)

Working with children check (Blue Card)

Note that 'Proof of Identity' documents are required to be certified. If you are unable to certify them, upload your document and once you obtain a position you must provide certified documents to your employing facility prior to commencement of work.

Who can certify documents

Documents can be certified by a justice of the peace, commissioner of declarations, barrister, solicitor, or notary public.

Referee reports

Candidates will need to ensure that 2 referee reports are attached to their online application prior to their specific Recruitment Round. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure the timely return of referee reports.


Obtain approval from your referee before you complete the referee's section on your RMO Campaign online application.

  • 1 referee should be your current immediate supervisor (someone who can report on your clinical capabilities)
  • the second nominated referee should be able to comment on your general character and performance as an employee (e.g. current Consultant, Staff Specialist, Clinical Director, Director Medical Services, Director of Training, Medical Superintendent or a partner in a private practice).
  • Specialty training programs may require additional referee reports, please refer to your Specialty training program webpage. Some specialty training positions require specific referees to be nominated.

Complete Step 11: Referees section on your online application by entering your two referees contact details.

It is recommended that professional (rather than private) email addresses are used for referees.


Once you complete Step 11: Referees section and press ‘Save and Continue’ at the bottom of the page, an automatic email notification will be sent to your referees to complete and submit their reference.

Late submissions are accepted, but may hinder the recruitment process, please check when your referee reports are due.


Confirm receipt of reference email with your referees.

If they don't receive the notification:

  • check you have entered their email address correctly on your online application
  • ask your referee to check their email junk folder
  • email if the referee still does not receive the notification

Referees need to complete and submit references via the secure link provided within the email. Once a reference is submitted, the referee will receive an email confirmation with a copy of the reference attached.

If your referee does not receive the confirmation email, the report has not been submitted successfully. Please ask your referee to make sure that they receive the confirmation email prior to closing the reference link as they may need to re-submit the link again.

6 Once a reference is attached to your online application successfully, you will also receive a confirmation email advising which referee has submitted the report.
Last updated: 10 May 2022