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Men's and Women's sexual health program

Cape York, Northern Peninsula Area & the Torres Strait Islands

Dont be shame
Clamydia, HIV and Gonorrhoea
Condoman and Lubelicious

Attention everyone between 15 to 39 years old

How often to be screened

Everyone between the ages of 15-39 should have a yearly test for sexually transmissible infections (STI) & blood borne viruses. Most people don’t have any symptoms of STIs and that is why it is important to have a yearly test. If you have any STI signs such as a discharge, rash, itch, pain, bleeding and or sores, then please contact our service for a confidential and private consultation.

Within our area we have increased number of people with STIs and it is important to test and treat people as soon as possible as untreated STIs can lead to complications, such as difficulty getting pregnant,

How we screen

A test for STIs requires a sample of urine and blood and takes less than 20 minutes.

Why we screen

Within our area we have increased number of people with STIs and it is important to test and treat people as soon as possible as untreated STIs can lead to complications with fertility and general health.

Contact tracing

If you have an STI, all your partners need to be treated and have a test. If your partners do not have a test, then you will get the infection again and need to be treated again.

Either you can tell your partners or the clinic can. If the clinic contacts your partners, your name is not mentioned.

Your privacy

To protect your privacy Queensland Health follows privacy requirements which set out standards for how we handle personal information. Read Respecting your privacy in sexual health clinics  (PDF 308 kB) for more information.

Torres and Cape HHS supply the following services:

  • Sexually transmissible Infection (STI) screening
  • Emergency contraception
  • Contraception
  • Pap smear screening
  • Condoms and lube
  • Contact tracing or partner notification

Where you can get tested 

All Torres and Cape HHS facilities can test and treat STIs.  

Visiting a sexual health service video Watch this short video about Visiting a sexual health service
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Find the Torres and Cape health care facility contact details, nearest to you however details for our specialist teams in your local area are listed below.

Cape York PeninsulaNurseHealth Worker
Aurukun / Mapoon mob: 0437 676 985 mob: 0427 429 855
Weipa / Napranum mob: 0409 867 337 mob: 0428 327 936
Pormpuraaw / Kowanyama mob: 0428 563 600 mob: 0438 895 953
Lockhart River / Coen mob: 0437 825 028 mob: 0429 934 992
Cooktown / Hope Vale / Laura / Wujul Wujul mob: 0428 628 490 mob: 0438 994 118
Northern Peninsula AreaNurseHealth Worker
Bamaga / Injinoo / New Mapoon / Seisia / Umagico ph: (07) 4090 4235 ph: (07) 4090 4210
Torres Strait IslandsNurseHealth Worker

Thursday Island

ph: (07) 4069 0412
Mobile Women’s Health ph:  (07) 4030 6111

Manager Health Programs ph: (07) 4069 0413
Men’s Health ph:  (07) 4069 0412
Women’s Health ph: (07) 4069 0475

Last updated: 17 November 2017