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Consumer feedback and enquiries

Consumer feedback

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service welcomes your feedback about your experience with us and our services. Your compliments, concerns and suggestions help us to understand what's important to you. Your feedback will assist us to provide the best service we can to our patients and their families.

If you choose to formalise your feedback, you are welcome to use this online form.

If you have a general enquiry, please direct it to one of our main switchboards at Bundaberg Hospital (4150 2222), Hervey Bay Hospital (4325 6666), Maryborough Hospital (4122 8222), or please go to our Quick Find phone directory.


In an emergency, call 000.


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    We will not add any details (including personal details) from your email to any mailing list, unless authorised, and we will not disclose these details to third parties without your express written consent, unless required or permitted by another Act or law.  
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    While Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service endeavours to ensure that the online transmission of the form, containing your information, over the internet is secure, the inherent nature of the internet means that there is a potential risk that your information may be viewed or intercepted by third parties. Accordingly, submission through the online form shall be at your own risk and Queensland Health accepts no responsibility or liability for any unauthorised access to your information contained in the form when it is submitted online over the internet. Individuals who submit the form online should receive an acknowledgement from Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service that the Form has been sent, on the screen, following submission. Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service accepts no responsibility or liability if this acknowledgement does not appear or we do not receive your online submission.

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Last updated: 13 January 2021