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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (WBHHS) works in partnership with consumers and community groups to achieve our vision, Care Comes First… Through Patients’ Eyes.

Connecting with our communities and partners helps us understand what is important to you.

We will communicate meaningfully, keep you informed and listen to you.

Together, we will plan, discuss, set goals and make decisions about your health care.

We will consider your ideas, and collaborate with you to design, measure and evaluate our health care services.


Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest - Consumer Representative


Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2022 - 2025

Community Engagement

Community Reference Groups

WBHHS partners with our community to plan and deliver quality health care. Ensuring local consumer voices are heard helps us respond meaningfully to community health care needs and provide the right service, in the right place, at the right time.

One way we do this is through Community Reference Groups (CRGs). We recognise that each of our communities is unique and has different priorities. CRGs are in:

  • Biggenden
  • Childers
  • Discovery Coast
  • Gayndah
  • Monto
  • Mundubbera
  • Bundaberg
  • Eidsvold
  • Fraser Coast
  • Gin Gin
  • Mount Perry

The Chair of each CRG is a local community member and the members are local people interested in making a difference to the health of their community.
All community members are welcome to join their local CRG.

A member of the Hospital and Health Board, a senior Health Service Representative and the Community Engagement Officer attend the CRG meetings. This gives community members a chance to talk directly with the Board and share their ideas about local health related priorities  as well as have a say about how we plan, design, deliver and evaluate the healthcare we provide.

Members share the information from CRG meetings with the people they know in the community. This helps keep their community informed and actively involved with WBHHS.

CRGs meet every two months at the local hospital or multi-purpose health service.


Community Engagement Officer

If you are interested in joining your local CRG or would like more information, please call the Community Engagement Officer on 07 4184 1870 or email


How you can partner with us

We believe in partnering with patients and families to provide the best possible care.

A consumer is someone who has received care at WBHHS, may do so in the future, or who may care for someone who has received our care. Consumers provide an important and unique perspective by working together with staff to influence the hospital’s policies, programs and practices.

We have a variety of ways that consumers, carers and community members can be involved.  You can:

  • Help make patient information easier to understand by reviewing brochures and other patient information
  • Help us collect feedback from patients and families about how we can continue to improve the things we do
  • Teach our staff about what it’s like to be a patient here
  • Join a committee
  • Provide feedback about a particular issue or project.

Consumer and Community Engagement

To learn more about being involved, contact the Consumer and Community Engagement team
07 4303 8858

You can also fill out our Consumer Partnership Form.


Independent Patient Rights Adviser

One way in which we engage with our patients directly is through the Independent Patient Rights Adviser (IPRA) role.

IPRA roles have been established across Queensland, including Wide Bay, as part of the

Mental Health Act 2016, which provides a legislative framework for the treatment and care of people with mental illness.

Rights advisers assist patients receiving treatment and care provided by Queensland Health mental health services, and recognise the lived experience and insights of people with mental health issues and their families.

For more information, visit the Independent Patient Rights Adviser page.


Diversity is a key strength of our Volunteer Services Team at the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (WBHHS). Our Volunteers, Spiritual Carers and Community groups are active and important members of the WBHHS team and bring a range of skills, experiences and attributes that benefit patients, consumers and staff.

Volunteers make a positive difference to the patient experience and are an essential part of our service to the community. Quite simply, the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service would not be the same without our wonderful team of volunteers!

Volunteers work alongside and with the guidance of staff.  Comprehensive training and induction ensure they are prepared and confident to carry out their role.  Every Volunteer activity positively contributes to the achievements of our Health Service.


Volunteer Services Coordinator

Volunteer roles and programs vary at each facility. To inquire about the many ways to become involved or to discuss which Volunteer opportunities might be perfect for you, please contact our WBHHS Volunteer Services Coordinator on 4184 1862 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the opportunities for getting involved?

  • Share your story during staff meetings, staff orientation and educational sessions
  • Participate in working groups, committees or projects
  • Create and review patient education material
  • Collect and analyse patient experience data
  • Give presentations in meetings and/or at conferences
  • Co-design and co-instruct training sessions and workshops
  • Engage in the development and implementation of research.

What qualifications do I need?

  • Have a passion for improving the experience of patients and families
  • Be comfortable speaking in a group and sharing with others
  • Be open to other people’s perspectives and ideas
  • Agree to respect privacy and confidentiality agreements.

What is the time commitment?

There is no specific time commitment required.  Consumers typically volunteer one to four hours per month, but the time commitment is flexible and will be matched according to your availability.


Register your interest

Consumer Partnership Form


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Last updated: 29 July 2022