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Visitor policy update due to COVID-19

We welcome and encourage families, carers and friends to visit their loved ones in hospital. Visitors can help patients recover faster, are an important source of support and can also help reduce their anxiety and stress. However, it is up to the person in hospital to decide if they want visitors. Patients may request no visitors at times, and this will be respected and supported by our staff.

Many complex processes and procedures happen in health care. There may be times when visitors are asked to leave an area for short periods of time because of care being provided to the patient. If you are unsure about the best time for visiting, we encourage you to talk directly to staff on the ward.

Visitors who have colds or other infections should not visit until they are well.

To slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the most vulnerable, there are also currently restrictions in place - you can find more information about the restrictions here.

Visiting hours

Many of our hospitals have flexible visiting hours, seven days a week. For detailed information on visiting times at specific facilities, go to our Services and Facilities page.

Some wards may have quiet or restricted times established, when lights are dimmed and visitors are asked to leave the ward at these times to allow patients time to rest, recuperate or receive treatment.  If you have permission from the Nurse Unit Manager to stay with your loved one during quiet/restricted time, we ask you are mindful of noise during this time.

Some wards/units may also limit visitor numbers for short periods of time or suggest immediate family only to visit. At all times, the patient’s best interest is our priority and staff requests are to be respected.

Information desk

Each of our major hospitals has an information desk located in the main reception area. The desk is staffed Monday to Friday, 8am–4pm, by volunteers who can assist visitors with directions, information and the use of a wheelchair.

For other assistance, please talk to our staff manning our reception desks and they’ll be happy to help you.

Many of our rural facilities also have a reception desk or nurses’ station that is easily accessible from the front entrance.


Free onsite or on-street parking is available at all our facilities. For detailed information about parking at specific facilities, go to our Services and Facilities page.

Public transport

Public bus stops are located out the front of our hospitals in Bundaberg, Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

Free taxi phones are also available in or near our reception areas, as well as some other locations.

Online bus timetable information is available from Duffy’s City Buses (Bundaberg) or Wide Bay Transit (Fraser Coast).


There are public telephones located in or outside many of our facilities, as follows.

Bundaberg Hospital There is a public telephone located on Bourbong St, in front of the Emergency Department.  Inside the hospital, there is a public phone near the Main Reception area and one in the Palliative, Acute Rehabilitation, Acute Stroke (PARAS) Unit entry foyer.
Hervey Bay Hospital Public phones are located in the new Emergency Building and in the Medical Ward corridor of the main hospital building.
Maryborough Hospital There is a public phone located on Walker St, directly opposite the hospital. Inside the hospital, there is a public phone in the Main Reception area.
Gin Gin Hospital There is a public phone located inside the hospital, near the nurses’ station.
Childers Hospital There is a public phone located inside the main foyer area.

Please ask our staff if you need directions to access any of our public phones.

Mobile phone use is permitted at times. We request that your mobile phone is kept on silent mode to ensure it doesn’t disturb other patients or interrupt hospital routine or procedures.

Mobile phone use within the hospital may be restricted upon the advice of staff, based on the care needs of nearby patients.

At times, you may be asked to turn your phone off and you must comply with this request.

Staff and other patients are not to be photographed or filmed.

ATM access

ATMs are accessible at our hospitals as follows:

Bundaberg Hospital inside the foyer, near Main Reception.
Hervey Bay Hospitalinside the entrance to the new Emergency Department.
Maryborough Hospital at the café on Walker St, directly opposite the hospital.

Food and beverage options

Our hospitals and multipurpose health services have a variety of food and beverages available for purchase by members of the public.

At Bundaberg Hospital, the Bundaberg Health Services Foundation operates the Thirst Aid Café, adjacent to the Main Reception area, from 7am–7pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am–2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Items such as hot and cold food, snack food, hot and cold drinks, flowers, cards, gifts, newspapers, magazines and other convenience items are available. The café supports the Healthier Drinks initiative, and proceeds from purchases help the Foundation to support the hospital through a range of ways, including equipment purchases, patient support programs and health promotion campaigns. There also food and drink vending machines in various locations throughout the hospital.

At Hervey Bay Hospital, our Food Services team runs a cafeteria selling hot and cold food, snack food, and cold drinks. There is also a coffee stand inside the cafeteria that sells barista-made coffee at affordable prices. The cafeteria is open to the public from 8am-6pm, seven days a week. There are also food and drink vending machines in various locations throughout the hospital.

All of our other facilities have food and drink vending machines that comply with our Healthier Drinks guidelines, and at some facilities our wonderful hospital auxiliary members also run trolley services.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Last updated: 21 June 2022