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The Oasis crisis support space

The Oasis crisis support space


The Oasis is an after-hours alternative to the emergency department for people experiencing mental health crisis or distress.

It’s a safe, welcoming and non-clinical space staffed by mental health clinicians, as well as peer workers with lived experience of mental health challenges who are trained to provide person-centred, recovery-oriented care. As a team, they’ll support you to calm your distress and develop strategies to manage your own wellbeing and work towards recovery.

Once there, you’ll be invited to have a cuppa and a chat wherever you feel most comfortable – whether in our lounge space, around our kitchen table or in the chill zone. It’s all about what you need, when you need it.

The Oasis is also an important link to the community, enabling you and your carers, loved ones and support people to be referred to or provided with information about other mental health and support services that may be suitable for you.


Operating hours and location

The Oasis is located just a few metres away from the main entrance of the Hervey Bay Hospital Emergency Department building. Opening hours are as follows:

Friday: 4pm – 9pm

Saturday: 4pm – 9pm

Sunday: 4pm – 9pm

Monday: 4pm – 9pm

Because we’re a new service, our operating hours may change over time to reflect community need, so we recommend checking our website for the most up-to-date details.

How will I access The Oasis?

Access to The Oasis is voluntary and will initially be via the emergency department, to enable you to be triaged first (and for medical assessment or care if necessary).

In the next few months, we’ll start accepting referrals from other mental health services, as well as walk-ins from the community.

Once you’ve accessed The Oasis, you’ll be able to return directly to the space for support without needing to go to the ED first, unless you meet any exclusion criteria.


Who will be eligible?

The Oasis is there to support people aged 16 and older who are experiencing a mental health crisis, regardless of whether or not they have a pre-existing mental health diagnosis. It’s suitable for you if:

  • You’re experiencing situational crisis or distress
  • You’re having thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • You’re presenting as part of a recovery / crisis / safety plan
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope
  • You’re experiencing trauma, grief or a personal crisis
  • You do not require immediate medical treatment.

The space isn’t suitable for those who present a risk of immediate harm to themselves or others, who are highly intoxicated or agitated, experiencing an acute psychotic episode, or who require immediate medical treatment.

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria for the Oasis, we’ll direct you to the emergency department for appropriate care and support – but you may be able to come and see us at a later time.

Take a virtual tour

Want to see what The Oasis looks and feels like? Don’t just take our word for it – take a quick virtual tour with the help of this 1-minute video.


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