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Graduate Nurse Program

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Graduate Registered Nurse Program

Our Program

The Central West Graduate Nurse Program is a twelve-month training and development program. Graduate nurses are employed at 0.8 FTE on a temporary 12 month status.  This means you will have about 8 shifts per fortnight.  Previous Graduates have observed that this level of employment allows them to adjust to shift work better, allows them to do extra shifts if they choose but also allows them flexibility to see the country side, engage in community activities or take short trips to see family. ‘Single-man’s quarters’ accommodation is provided (free) in most cases; on the occasion that you don’t want the option (bringing family or pets), a subsidy towards the cost of private rental is available.

The program consists of two rotations across the Hospital and Health Service through two of the five major facilities within the HHS. These are Alpha, Barcaldine, Blackall, Longreach and Winton.

There are many benefits of coming to a rural and remote health service. The close-knit community, various country social activities and the experience of living and working in rural Australia are just a few. Professionally, you will have the opportunity to exponentially grow your clinical skills and experience through various training opportunities. Courses with a rural nursing focus which will provide skills and knowledge in:

  • Advanced Life Support
  • Paediatric Life Support
  • Emergency Care including triage
  • Imminent Birth
  • Development of Clinical Competencies in Venepuncture, Cannulation, Triage, Team Leader

and many others which your metro colleagues may not have the opportunity to experience.

In addition to local workshops and courses, we work closely with the Retrieval Services Queensland Education Support Team (RSQ-EST) who provide additional training to our staff via videoconference sessions all year round, on over forty topics of relevance to rural and remote nurses.

Although geographically large, we are a relatively small Health Service, so we recruit our graduates centrally for the whole service. The largest hospital in the Health Service, Longreach Hospital, is a 25 bed facility. The usual complement of nurses on duty at any time in the facility for direct patient care is 3.  As part of the nursing workforce in the hospital, you will have the opportunity to work in emergency and also general ward.


We recruit via the PSC Graduate Portal.

The portal is open in August annually.


If you are interested, please contact our Nurse Educators.

Last updated: 4 March 2020