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Clinical trials

Clinical trial participation is actively promoted across SCHHS and expansion of our trials is a key strategic goal for the health service

The offering of access to clinical trials by SCHHS clinicians has benefits for our patients, researchers and SCHHS as a health service provider:

  • Our patients can benefit by being participants in the short term from the intervention being trialled, and in the long term they and the entire community benefit from the knowledge they help to generate.
  • Our participation in trials helps provide the level of evidence needed by researchers to reliably inform clinical practice and/or healthcare policy and makes a substantial contribution to global knowledge. Our clinicians and patients also provide valuable feedback and insights to researchers about the practicalities of clinical and other service provision experiences involved with a particular course of treatment.
  • Our health service and community also benefit through enhanced services, offering patients access to cutting edge therapies and interventions that could further optimise their care or provide treatment options when all conventional therapies have been exhausted.

SCHHS is involved in a range of research projects and clinical trials including commercially sponsored trials, collaborative trials with multi-centre networks and local investigator led trials.

Please explore the links below for specific information on research activity within our departments.

Clinical Trials coordination teams

The Clinical Trials coordination team is comprised of highly trained nurses. This team is responsible for all aspects of trial coordination including ethical, regulatory, data management, laboratory, financial and participant clinical care. There is a dedicated Clinical Research ward with fully equipped consultation rooms where the participants can have their dedicated trial visits in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Clinical research support services for our sponsors and collaborators

Last updated: 12 October 2021


Clinical Trials Unit

Phone: 07 5202 3059

Nurse Unit Manager, Clinical Research

Helen Rodgers

Clinical trials

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