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Clinical trials and research services

Pathology Queensland provides laboratory services for commercially sponsored and investigator-driven clinical trials. Our Client Services team is experienced in providing personalised and competitive solutions for research projects.

Our NATA-accredited, state-wide laboratory network covers all major pathology disciplines including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, genetic pathology, haematology, immunology and microbiology.

Our laboratory capabilities and services include:

  • phlebotomy services
  • pathology testing across all disciplines
  • monitored short-term and long-term specimen storage at -20°C or -80°C
  • automated high volume and batched testing.

For more information about our clinical trial and research services, contact our Client Services team:

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  • To engage our pathology services, please complete our application for services form (DOC, 299.5 KB) and submit the application, study protocol and laboratory manual (if applicable) to Pathology Queensland Client Services at

    Application process

    Your project will be assigned a unique Pathology Queensland reference number (CT #). This number should be included in all future project correspondence with us.

    Upon application submission we can provide you with:

    • a quote for services including standard terms and conditions
    • all relevant approvals (laboratory declarations)
    • pre-printed pathology request forms (if applicable)
    • ongoing support throughout the study period.

    Terms and conditions

    View our terms and conditions (DOC, 60.8 KB) for more information.

  • If your project or trial is being conducted at multiple Queensland Health sites, you will need to advise us which sites will be involved. Submit an application form (DOC, 299.5 KB) for each site unless the project is managed centrally. Clearly indicate which services are required at each site. You will only need to submit project documentation (clinical protocols, laboratory manuals or ethics approval) once.

    • Single site—one health service, including multiple campuses within that health service or institution (may be a teletrial)
    • Multi-site—more than one health service or institution (may be a teletrial)
  • Our state-wide laboratory network covers all major pathology disciplines.

    For a list of tests we do, refer to the Pathology Queensland test list. Contact us for pricing if you would like us to perform tests that are not on the test list (subject to approval).

    Tests that are not performed or referred by Pathology Queensland must be contracted by the researcher. Pre-analytical services may be available in order to prepare specimens for external testing. These should be budgeted for in addition to the test costs levied by other providers.

  • Discuss your monitoring and inspection requirements with the laboratory. For example, include standard logs, forms and documents that need to be maintained relating to sample processing and storage, monitoring visits or audits. Audit requests must be in writing.

    If you would like to visit a laboratory, contact the Client Services team who will seek approval on your behalf. We require at least one week's notice to organise laboratory visits. Those accessing a laboratory to use equipment or facilities will be required to undergo an induction.

  • Patient consent is required to access materials for research that were originally collected for patient diagnosis. When patient consent cannot be obtained, approval to access materials can be sought from:

    Tissue samples

    Tissue samples may only be released on the possibility of retaining some tissue for future diagnostic requirements.

    Where required, we will provide cut tissue sections. Requests for diagnostic tissue blocks will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Archived tissue recall and pathologist review incur additional costs. You will be advised of these costs before the work is undertaken.

    Read more about accessing confidential information at Queensland Health.

  • To request access to data, including test results, from our laboratory systems please contact our Client Services team for a data request form. Data will be made available via a secure data transfer.

    Results and records for research activities identified by a hospital UR number will be included in patient records. Please advise us if you require any de-identification or additional patient confidentiality.

    Research using identifiable or potentially re-identifiable data held by Pathology Queensland, for which the researchers are unable to obtain participant consent, may be used subject to approval under s280 of the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld) OR s150 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011.

    Read more about accessing confidential information at Queensland Health.

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Last updated: 30 July 2021