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Health information > Dengue in North Queensland

Dengue Fever in Queensland

Current dengue fever outbreaks in Queensland.

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Defend your home

Tip it Tip it Tip out any water that’s pooled in things like pot plant bases, plastic containers and tarpaulins.
Store it Store it Store anything that can hold water in a dry place or undercover, including tyres, gardening equipment, toys, buckets, trailers or boats.
Throw it Throw it Throw out any rubbish lying around your yard like leaves in gutters, old palm fronds and unused containers or tyres.

Got the travel bug?

Getting bitten by mosquitoes in a tropical country can make you seriously ill.

Have YOU been to a tropical country in the last two weeks? If you start experiencing symptoms such as:

it’s important you see a doctor immediately – you may have dengue fever.

Protect yourself by wearing a good repellent.

Don’t let dengue ruin your trip.


Last Updated: 29 October 2012
Last Reviewed: 29 October 2012