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Clinical placement information for Hospital and Health Services

The information on this page has been developed for Queensland Health Hospital and Health Services who support allied health students on clinical placement.

Clinical placement capacity and offers guide

The Queensland Health clinical placement capacity and offers of clinical placements for allied health professionals - guide for Hospital and Health Services (PDF 296 kB) provides recommendations to maximise allied health student clinical placement opportunities within Queensland Health in collaboration with the education system to provide sufficient numbers of appropriately trained and qualified graduates to meet projected workforce requirements.

Provision of clinical education is critical to ensuring a safe, competent and sustainable health workforce. All allied health professionals working in Queensland Health should contribute to the education and training of the current and future workforce.

The purpose of this guide is to support Hospital and Health Service decision making regarding determination of clinical placement capacity and offers of clinical placements to education providers for professional-entry / pre-entry clinical placements for allied health students.

Managing student training

All allied health students taking part in a clinical placement in a Queensland Hospital and Health Service facility must complete a number of training modules before starting their placement. It is essential that accurate records of the ‘Evidence record of allied health student training’ are maintained by each Hospital and Health Service.

All staff involved in clinical education within Hospital and Health Services must keep records of allied health student training completion, and should read the Allied Health Student Training: A Guide for Clinical Educators (PDF 499 kB) which outlines their responsibilities in this area.

Students health and wellbeing

The Allied health students health and wellbeing - guide for Hospital and Health Services (PDF 158 kB) aims to support the health and wellbeing of allied health students undertaking clinical placements within Queensland Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) and Mater Health Services (MHS). It guides the development of safe and supportive learning environments, strategies and resources, and reflects the shared responsibility of HHS staff, students and education providers in promoting and supporting student health and wellbeing.

A Student Health and Wellbeing Resources handout (PDF 241 kB) can be provided by Clinical Educators to students as a resource whilst they are on clinical placement. It assists students to maintain attention to their own health and wellbeing and to take positive action if required.

Intellectual property considerations for students on placement

Consideration needs to be given to local Hospital and Health Service policy. Legal advice may be necessary. This factsheet (PDF 308 kB) provides an overview of intellectual property provisions, as outlined in the Queensland Health Student Deed (2017) related to allied health student placements.

Students driving Queensland Health vehicles during placement

Consideration needs to be given to local Hospital and Health Service policy and to appropriate insurance cover. This fact sheet (PDF 53 kB) identifies the relevant information in the Queensland Health Policy and Student Placement Deed (Version 3) related to students driving during their clinical placement.

Last updated: 12 July 2022