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Glossary of Terms

Accredited pharmacistA pharmacist accredited to undertake medication management reviews for individuals in community or aged care settings.
Adherence assessmentAssessing the extent to which a person’s medication-taking behaviour corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider. Assessment can include subjective patient ratings, use of scoring tools, monitoring of therapeutic effect, and review of medication usage.
Discharge Medication Record (DMR)A medication list which is provided to patients on discharge. Includes current medicines (including dosing regimens, indications, and any changes to medication during admission), recently ceased medicines, and allergies/adverse drug reactions.
Discharge Summary

A collection of information about events during care by a provider or organisation. It is a document produced during a patient's stay in hospital, as either an admitted or non-admitted patient, and issued when or after a patient leaves the care of the hospital.[1]

Dose administration aid

A tamper-evident, well-sealed device or packaging system that allows organisation of doses of medicine according to the time of administration.[2]

General Practice Pharmacist

A pharmacist who delivers professional services from or within a general practice medical centre with a coordinated, collaborative, and integrated approach with an overall goal to improve the quality use of medicines of the practice population.[3]

Home Medicines Review (HMR)An Australian Government-funded collaborative medication review service involving the patient, an accredited pharmacist, and a medical practitioner.
LACE IndexA validated tool used to predict a patient’s risk of readmission to hospital.
Medication reconciliationA formal process of obtaining and verifying a complete and accurate list of a patient’s current medicines, matching the medicines the patient should be prescribed with those they are actually prescribed.9
MedsCheckA medication review service provided under the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement. It is undertaken in a community pharmacy by a registered pharmacist and includes medication reconciliation, consultation, and development of an action plan.
PatientA person who uses, or is a potential user of, health services.
Post-discharge Medication Management PlanA continuing plan for the use and management of medicines developed in collaboration with the patient during the post-discharge follow up appointment. The plan is communicated to the patient’s nominated GP and community pharmacist.

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Last updated: 16 March 2022