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Breastfeeding video guide for health workers

Chapter 1: Breastfeeding introduction

Chapter 2: Why breastfeeding?

Chapter 3: How to breastfeed

This webpage is currently being reviewed and some outdated content has been removed. Please refer to Raising Children Breastfeeding videos In the interim.

Chapter 4: FAQs

Chapter 5: Breastfeeding problems and solutions

Some of the content about positioning in this video is outdated. Please refer to Raising Children Breastfeeding videos and Raising Children Breastfeeding positions in pictures in the interim.

Chapter 6: Breastmilk expressing

Chapter 7: Looking after mum

Chapter 8: Postnatal depression

Chapter 9: Weaning baby

Chapter 10: Introducing solids

Chapter 11: Health worker questions and answers

Chapter 12: Breastfeeding help

Last updated: 28 September 2020