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Chief Psychiatrist role and responsibilities

The Chief Psychiatrist has responsibilities under the Act to protect the rights of patients, including the development of Chief Psychiatrist Policies and undertaking investigations.

Classified patients

The Act deals with circumstances where a person in custody (in prison, youth detention centre or watch-house) needs to be transferred to an authorised mental health service for treatment and care.

Psychiatrist reports

In specific circumstances, a person may request a psychiatrist report which expresses an opinion on whether the person was of unsound mind when an alleged offence happened or is unfit for trial.

Mental Health Court and Mental Health Review Tribunal

The Mental Health Court and Mental Health Review Tribunal have key functions under the Mental Health Act 2016.

Judicial orders

The Act contains provisions where courts make specific orders to examine or detain persons.

Transport of patients

The Act provides general powers to transport patients and other persons under the Act, and specific requirements for transporting absent patients.

Legal matters: Mental Health Act 2016

Administrators are responsible for a number of other functions relating to maintaining records, searches, and issuing notices.

Last updated: 8 November 2016