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Peripheral nerve compression including carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment neuropathy, common peroneal and lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh compression syndromes


Minimum Referral Criteria

  • Category 1
    (appointment within 30 calendar days)
    • Peripheral nerve compression syndrome with
      • rapidly progressing and or severe neurological deficit or
      • associated with disabling pain syndrome
  • Category 2
    (appointment within 90 calendar days)
    • Frequent and / or progressive peripheral nerve compressive symptoms with corresponding clinical signs
    • Recurrence of significant symptoms or clinical signs after surgical decompression
  • Category 3
    (appointment within 365 calendar days)
    • Intermittent or mild symptoms of peripheral nerve compression failing to respond to reasonable and appropriate non- operative measures of greater than 6 months duration and considered to warrant assessment for surgical decompression

1. Reason for request Indicate on the referral

  • To establish a diagnosis
  • For treatment or intervention
  • For advice and management
  • For specialist to take over management
  • Reassurance for GP/second opinion
  • For a specified test/investigation the GP can't order, or the patient can't afford or access
  • Reassurance for the patient/family
  • For other reason (e.g. rapidly accelerating disease progression)
  • Clinical judgement indicates a referral for specialist review is necessary

2. Essential referral information Referral will be returned without this

  • Duration and rate of progression of clinical symptoms
  • Clinical examination findings including neurological findings relating to compression neuropathy syndrome in question
  • Treatment trialled to date including physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Relevant co-morbities e.g. diabetes, obesity, history of trauma

3. Additional referral information Useful for processing the referral

  • Nerve conduction studies (desirable and every effort to obtain, but should not cause significant delay for Cat 1 referrals)

4. Request

Last updated: 13 June 2023