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Independent Patient Rights Advisers

CQ Health has systems in place to ensure that patients, the patient’s nominated support persons, family, carers and other support persons are advised of their rights and responsibilities under the Mental Health Act 2016.

You can expect that your treating team and people involved in your care keep will you informed of your rights and responsibilities.

In addition to information and advice that you receive from the treating team, you will have access to Independent Patient Rights Advisors (IPRAs).

What is an Independent Patient Rights Adviser?

Independent Patient Rights Advisers (rights advisers) can give patients and support persons information about their rights under the Mental Health Act 2016.

Rights advisers can assist patients and support persons to work with their treating team to enhance patient care.

Rights advisers are employed separately to the mental health team. This independence from the mental health team enables them to provide impartial advice and support to patients.

Support is provided without any influence from the treating team to best allow for your concerns to be heard.

They are trained to assist patients and support persons to understand their rights and work with your clinical team to discuss your concerns.

How can a rights adviser help?

Rights advisers can help people to understand how to:

  • know their rights under the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld)
  • express their views about treatment and care
  • access legal advice and support for Mental Health Review Tribunal appearances
  • express concerns and make complaints
  • understand the benefits of making an Advance Health Directive and the steps involved to create one.

How to access a rights adviser

Any patient or support person receiving care from a mental health service can contact a rights adviser.

You can contact the rights advisers directly yourself, or ask your supporting clinician to assist with making contact.

You do not need permission from the treating team to access a rights adviser.

Phone (07) 4920 6956 or email to make contact with the CQ rights adviser.

Last updated: 8 November 2022