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Australian bat lyssavirus

Alternate name: ABLV

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Australian bat lyssavirus (PDF, 281kB) - information for people who have found a sick or injured bat.

Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) is a virus that can be transmitted from bats to humans, causing serious illness. The virus was first identified in 1996 and has been found in four kinds of flying foxes/fruit bats and one species of insect-eating microbat. Blood tests have shown previous infection in a number of other bat species, so it is assumed that any bat in Australia could carry the virus.

Public health management guidelines


Pathology laboratories

Attending medical practitioners/medical superintendents (or delegates)

In Queensland, potential exposure to Lyssavirus is notifiable by the treating medical officer.

Notification resources

Enhanced surveillance for public health units

  • Case report form (potential exposure) (PDF, 175kB) - used by public health units to collect and manage more detailed information for enhanced case surveillance.

Clinical guidelines

  • Flowchart (PDF, 60kB) - quick reference chart for immediate management of potential exposures to Australian bat lyssavirus.

Resources for health professionals


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Last updated: 5 June 2023

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