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Multicultural Health - Nourishing New Communities

Nourishing new communities




Nutrition resource package for refugee communities

The Community Nutrition Unit, Annerley Road Community Health, Queensland Health, produced a series of resources for settlement agencies and communities who work with newly arrived refugees.  The resources were developed for use by case coordinators, settlement workers, bicultural assistants and volunteers when working with refugees in the first six months of their arrival in Australia. 

The first package, Healthy Food in the First Seven Days has a focus on planning, shopping and preparing meals.  The second package, Food & Kitchen Safety for Newly Arrived Refugees is a comprehensive education session on food and kitchen safety for new arrivals. 

Overview of Nourishing New Communities
Provides a comprehensive overview of the Nourishing New Communities
Part 1   Part 2


Healthy Food in the First Seven Days

These resources will assist settlement workers, bicultural assistants, case coordinators and volunteers to provide information and assistance to newly arrived families with shopping, meal planning and preparation.


Title 1. Menu Plans
a) Meal ideas
b) Meal plans quantified

Seven day menu plans and meal ideas for Eritrean, Sierra Leonean, Middle Eastern, Sudanese, Burundi/Rwandan and Karen-Burmese families

Title 2. Shopping Lists
a) Burundi/Rwanda/Congo
b) Eritrean/Ethiopian
c) Karen-Burmese
d) Middle-Eastern
e) Sierra Leonean/Liberian
f) Sudanese

Comprehensive shopping list, including costs, for each refugee community.  Uses the DIMA bands (size of family group) and shops in Brisbane as a guide.


Title 3. Shopping locality guide

Guide to where foods can be purchased (Brisbane).



4.  Pictorial recipe
a) One pot stew
      Part 1    Part 2


Example of recipe presented in a collection of images. Useful for people with low literacy skills.


Title 5.  Food pack checklist

Checklist to be used on the day of settlement.

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Food & Kitchen Safety for Newly arrived Refugees

This comprehensive education session can be used to train workers and volunteers on food and kitchen safety when orientating newly arrived families to their new home and kitchen. 



Title 1. Survey

Questionnaire to be used before education session.  It is recommended that each participant completes this survey before progressing.


Title 2. Education session
     Part 1     Part 2    Part 3     Part 4      Part 5

Sixty minute lecture style education session


Title 3. Education session plan

To assist speaker to organise session and convey key messages


Title 4. Speaker information sheet

Background food safety education material following format of the education session (resource 2) and linked to notes pages of the education session.


Title 5. Participant handout

Used by participants to record information during education session


Title 6. Feedback form

Provides presenter with feedback on satisfaction of participants and any change in knowledge gained from session.


Title 7. Activity task sheets

Group activities for two people or more



8.  Resource information sheets
a) kitchen hazards
b) food storage
c) hand washing
d) keep kitchen clean
e) kitchen safety


Contain background information regarding the importance of each food safety action and some suggestions for the resources. e.g. role plays and small groups



9.Graphic resources
a) hand washing
b) keep kitchen clean
c) cover & store food
d) meat storage
e) fridge
f) hot do not touch
g) toaster

Contains Resources with photographs and simple language

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Last updated: 8 October 2013