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The Department of Health runs strategic communication campaigns for public health in Queensland. Click below to learn more about the campaigns and to download stakeholder resources. If you would like more information, please contact

Can't hide from flu

You can't hide from flu

This seasonal campaign promotes the importance of getting the annual influenza immunization and practicing good hygiene to avoid catching the flu and spreading it in the community.

Vape Truths

The ‘Vape Truths’ campaign aims to increase knowledge and awareness about the health risks of vaping. Featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the campaign delivers a serious message, backed by scientific facts.

Your Drinking

The ‘Keep an Eye on Your Drinking’ campaign aims to increase knowledge and understanding amongst Queenslanders of the alcohol guidelines, harms of risky drinking and benefits of reducing alcohol consumption.

Ice Help campign

Ice Help

The Ice Help campaign provides critical information on how to access help and support, and trusted and factual information about the effects of ice (crystal methamphetamine) in a non-stigmatising manner.

Dear mind campaign

Dear Mind

‘Dear Mind’ is Queensland’s first positive mental health and wellbeing campaign, encouraging Queenslanders to make time for themselves and prioritise their mental wellbeing.

Quit HQ: Where Quitters Click

Quit HQ is the new one-stop-shop for quit smoking information and support to empower Queenslanders to start their quit smoking journey and help them to quit for good.

Stop the rise of STIs

‘Stop the rise of STIs’ focusses on improving knowledge and awareness around sexual health and encourages young adults who are sexually active to get tested regularly.

Last updated: 6 October 2022