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Queensland COVID-19 Update

10 August 2021

Data update for Indooroopilly cluster

Queensland has recorded three COVID-19 cases today all linked to the ‘Indooroopilly cluster’.

The three cases linked to the cluster were in quarantine, and as a result are not a risk to the community.

The cases take the cluster to 116, which includes 71 people aged 19 or under.

Five schools in south east Queensland are associated with this cluster.

There are more than 18,900 contacts associated with the cluster.

To access a full list of COVID-19 testing locations, with interactive map and post code search, visit

Cairns update

In the 24 hours to 10am Tuesday 10 August, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Services conducted 4,206 COVID-19 tests.

There are over 1,086 contacts associated with the Cairns cases.

Global standards set by the WHO stipulate a person’s infectious period begins two days prior to showing symptoms.

Initially, it was thought the reef pilot first developed symptoms on Saturday 31 July which is why the infectious period commenced on Thursday 29 July.

On further investigation, and in consultation with New Zealand, Queensland Health has confirmed the infectious period of the reef pilot has now been back dated to Friday 23 July – when the reef pilot disembarked the vessel where he was working.

Queensland Health has acted on this new information to continue achieve the best possible outcomes for Far North Queensland.

New South Wales border zone update

Following a confirmed case in Byron Bay, New South Wales has declared four Local Government Areas (LGAs) as hotspots with restrictions, including stay at home orders.

The four LGAs of Byron Bay, Richmond Valley, Ballina and Lismore are currently locked down until 12.0am Tuesday 17 August.

Anyone in Queensland, who has been to any of these LGAs on or since Saturday 31 July, must abide by the same restrictions as are in place in those New South Wales LGAs, including the stay at home order.

Anyone who has been at a COVID-19 exposure site identified by Queensland Health, or anyone who has any symptoms, no matter how mild, should come forward to get tested.

Vaccination update

The enthusiasm of Queenslanders to get vaccinated is very encouraging, with more and more Queenslanders registering their interest every day.

Each week as our supply increases, we’re releasing more vaccination appointment invitations to those who have registered, as spots become available. If you want a vaccine, make sure you've joined the queue and register your interest.

When you receive your invitation to book will depend on when you registered, your priority status and demand in your region.

We thank Queenslanders for their patience.

Community sport clarification

For impacted areas, organised sport of any description including community, club and recreational sport that also involves coming together for training or competition is not permitted to operate. We are doing this to limit, where we reasonably can, people coming together from different areas and different households.

However, you can be involved in some activities with small groups of not more than 10 people and where there is no contact between people. Masks must be worn at all times unless you’re doing strenuous exercise. You are still able to attend recreational sport venues to exercise by yourself or with others.

Please take sensible precautious like not sharing equipment and, for example if doing gymnastics, wipe equipment down after use for the next person.

What is permitted?

You may attend your local recreational centre or club to exercise by yourself or with a small group of friends – no more than 10 people total, including instructors or other persons involved in the group.

This includes activities such as:

  • Gyms, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga and barre studios, spin facilities, boot camps and personal training – these facilities can operate within the allowed occupant density – no more than 1 person per 4 square metres for indoor areas open to or used by guests or patrons
  • Dance studios – Dance studios are able to operate, however no more than 1 person per 4 square metres can dance in the dedicated dance area, and dancers and instructors must remain physically distanced – this means you cannot have 2 students from separate households doing lifts or formation dancing
  • Group sporting lessons or training (example martial arts, gymnastics), – these classes can operate within the allowed occupant density – no more than 1 person per 4 square metres for indoor areas, and participants are able to remain physically distanced. This would mean people could not spar or roll as part of the lesson or training.
  • Golf clubs, tennis centres – Golf and tennis are permitted as forms of exercise, but you cannot participate in organised matches or fixtures. An individual golf or tennis lesson is permitted where the total number in the group is 10 or less. Golf buggies shouldn’t be shared unless with people from the same household.
  • Aquatic centres/swimming pools – Indoor and outdoor public swimming pools are able to be utilised for swimming lessons, recreational exercise/activities, and training/rehabilitation purposes. No occupancy density applies within the pool, however physical distancing must be maintained outside of the pool. No squads and inter-school sport meets.
  • Seniors recreational centres – these facilities can operate within the allowed occupant density – no more than 1 person per 4 square metres for indoor areas open to or used by guests or patrons. If people are gathering for an activity such as a dance or exercise class, it should be no more than 10 persons, including the instructor and people from different households must be physically distanced.
  • Commercial sporting premises such as bowls, ten pin bowling - these facilities can operate in accordance with density requirements. Organised training or competition should not occur unless it is 10 persons or less, people can physically distance, masks can be worn, there is minimal sharing of equipment.

What is not permitted?

Activities and events which are not permitted include fun runs and park runs, community competitions or events (cycling/triathlon races, swimming meets), organised team sports (such as soccer, tennis, football, netball and basketball, cricket, athletics), Lawn Bowl meets, contact sports (such as Karate and Jiujitsu), gymnastic competitions, social dance groups (such as social meets at a community hall), and ice-skating competitions.

Last updated: 10 August 2021