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Healthy Teeth for Life

The fact sheets below will be able to be purchased from Office Max in the near future. Ordering details coming soon.
Oral Health Conditions


Bad breath  PDF Icon
Bullet Dental emergencies PDF Icon
Bullet Dry mouth PDF Icon
Bullet Gum disease PDF Icon
Bullet Mouth sores PDF Icon
Bullet Tooth decay PDF Icon
Bullet Tooth wear PDF Icon
Oral Health Information Bullet Oral health for people with special needs  PDF Icon                                  
Bullet Oral piercing PDF Icon
Bullet Timing for baby and adult teeth PDF Icon
Bullet HIV and your oral health  PDF Icon
Bullet Diabetes and your oral health  PDF Icon  
Bullet Head and neck cancer and your oral health  PDF Icon  
Bullet Oral Cancer  PDF Icon
Prevention and Care Bullet Brushing and flossing PDF Icon
Bullet Care following dental surgery PDF Icon
Bullet Dentures PDF Icon
Bullet Mouth rinses PDF Icon
Bullet Wearing braces or a plate PDF Icon


Translated versions of the fact sheets below can be downloaded and printed in a PDF format  PDF Icon
 Tooth Decay  Brushing and Flossing  Care After Dental Surgery 
 Arabic  Arabic  Arabic
 Chinese (Simplified)  Chinese (Simplified)  Chinese (Simplified)
 Chinese (Traditional)  Chinese (Traditional)  Chinese (Traditional)
 Hindi  Hindi  Hindi
 Italian  Italian  Italian
 Korean  Korean  Korean
 Samoan  Samoan  Samoan
 Spanish  Spanish  Spanish
 Tagalog (Filipino)  Tagalog (Filipino)  Tagalog (Filipino)
 Torres Strait Creole  Torres Strait Creole  Torres Strait Creole
 Vietnamese  Vietnamese  Vietnamese

Last updated: 3 May 2013