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Compliance resources

There are a variety of resources to help personal appearance service businesses meet their infection control requirements.

What business needs to know about personal appearance services

Download the personal appearance services guide for businesses.

It covers requirements for:

Personal appearance services

  • What defines a personal appearance service?
  • Higher risk personal appearance services
  • Non-higher risk personal appearance services
    • hairdressing
    • shaving
    • beauty and nail treatments
    • waxing and electrolysis
    • closed ear and nose piercing
    • foot spas
  • licensing and qualification requirements
  • building requirements
  • role of local councils in regulation
  • Other laws

Infection control guidelines

  • Standard precautions
  • Environmental cleaning and waste disposal
  • Non-higher risk personal appearance services
  • Skin penetration procedures
  • Sterilising instruments
  • Body piercing and tattooing
  • Records

Sterilising reusable instruments and jewellery

How to sterilise instruments and jewellery (PDF, 231KB)

Read about the relevant standards, and find detailed instructions about:

  • How to sterilise equipment and jewellery
  • Packaging after sterilisation, storage conditions and shelf life of sterile products
  • How to recognise and dispose of single use items
  • Required documentation
  • Some important things to note when sterilising

Fit out requirements for higher risk personal appearance services

The Fit-out requirements (PDF, 55KB) for higher risk personal appearance service businesses are detailed in the Queensland Development Code (Section MP 5.2).

This section of the code details the criteria for higher risk personal appearance services, and gives examples of acceptable solutions around things like:

  • Handwashing, instrument and equipment cleaning facilities
  • Finishes (joining systems) and finishing materials

Cleaning foot spas

Fact sheets on cleaning of foot spas are available in both English and Vietnamese language:

Tattoo shows, festivals and other similar one-off events

Fact sheet for local government on the application of the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003 to tattoo shows, festivals and other similar one-off events.

Last updated: 9 July 2019