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What are inhalants?

Inhalants describe a range of products that can be consumed by inhaling vapour through the nose and/or mouth. Inhalant use can be problematic and young people may be at more risk of harms.

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Where to get help and support

For anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s alcohol and other drug use, contact Adis 24/7 Alcohol and Drug Support on 1800 177 833 or visit the Adis website.

For workers, service providers, retailers and communities – find information, advice and resources on the Dovetail website.

The outcome of the Inhalants Roundtable

The Inhalants Roundtable (December 2019) was chaired by the Chief Health Officer. It was attended by nearly 40 participants from across the manufacturing and retailing industry, youth and health services, peak bodies and commissions, government departments and councils.

Participants jointly agreed on key themes and opportunities for enhancing responses to prevent and reduce harms from inhalant misuse.

Read the summary of the Inhalants Roundtable (PDF 198 kB).

Last updated: 19 October 2022