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Queensland Needle and Syringe Program

The Queensland Needle and Syringe Program (QNSP) aims to reduce the incidence of blood-borne viruses and injection-related injuries and disease in Queensland by:

  • providing sterile injecting equipment
  • facilitating the safe disposal of used injecting equipment
  • improving access and referral to drug treatment programs, health care, and other services.

This is achieved through a network of 150 public needle and syringe programs and over 700 community pharmacies.

Significant public health risks associated with injecting drug use include:

  • transmission of blood-borne viruses (HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C) through shared injecting equipment
  • injection-related injuries and disease including abscess, cellulitis, endocarditis, septicaemia and loss of limb.

As well as the significant burden placed on individuals and their families, blood-borne viruses and injection-related injuries and disease are a significant additional cost to the health care system, employers, and society.

Find a program

There are many locations across Queensland where you can access clean equipment and dispose of used equipment.

To find a service, you can check the Pharmacy Guild’s list of services or download the location guide for your area.

Queensland Minimum Data Set for Needle and Syringe Programs

The Queensland Minimum Data Set (QMDS) for the Needle and Syringe Programs is a state-wide standardised data collection system that provides core data about program activities.

The annual report contains descriptive data only on client demographics, drug reporting patterns, interventions, and referrals collected on every occasion of service. No statistical analysis is undertaken.

Training and resources for Queensland NSPs

QNSP training is available through insight - Alcohol and other drug training workforce development Queensland.

This training presents concepts, knowledge, and skills required to work effectively as a Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) worker in Queensland


Queensland Needle and Syringe Program Management Unit
Telephone: 07 3328 9801
Fax: 07 3328 9804

Clean Needle Helpline: 1800 633 353 (freecall), available 24 hours a day.

Last updated: 24 October 2022