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Outdoor public areas

There are a range of areas where smoking is banned, this includes the use of all smoking products such as electronic cigarettes

Public transport waiting points

Smoking is banned at public transport waiting points and within a 5 metre buffer zone beyond the waiting point.

A public transport waiting point is a:

  • a bus stop, bus shelter, bus station or bus lay-by
  • a taxi rank, limousine or other booked hire vehicle rank, standing areas or collection point
  • a ferry terminal, jetty, pontoon or landing for ferry services
  • a transit terminal for public passengers.

The 5 metre buffer zone is a no-smoking area beyond the waiting point. A person is considered to be within the buffer zone if they are in a queue that starts at the public transport waiting point or within the buffer zone. For example, it is an offence to smoke while anywhere in a bus queue, even if the queue extends beyond 5 metres from the public transport waiting point.

The buffer zone does not extend into residential or business premises.

National Parks

Smoking is banned at and within 10 metres of campsites and any public facilities such as picnic tables, toilet blocks, barbecues, visitor information centres, roofed shelters, jetties, boat ramps and landing stages.

Organised under-18 sporting events

Smoking is banned at and within 10 metres of viewing and playing areas at organised under-18 sporting events. The ban also applies during training/practice sessions and at any intervals or breaks in play.

The coverage of the ban includes the sporting ground or playing area, the viewing area for a water sport, public seating at the grounds and any other area reserved for use by the competitors and the officials. This also includes a 10 metre non-smoking buffer zone from all of these locations, but this does not extend into residential or business premises that share a boundary with these areas.

An organised under-18 sporting event is one that is arranged in advance, is conducted by a professional or amateur sporting body or education institution according to established rules and is intended for or predominately participated in by people under 18.

  • Download and print factsheets and resources about the smoking laws for your sporting organisation. You also call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for no smoking signage for under 18 sporting events and clubs.

Building entrances

Smoking is banned within 5 metres of non-residential building entrances. This includes entrances to government buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres, banks and other non-residential buildings. The ban does not apply to entrances to liquor licensed premises with a Commercial Hotel Licence, Commercial Special Facility Licence that contain all or part of a casino or a Community Club Licence under the Liquor Act 1992 or a vehicle or part of a vehicle.

Outdoor pedestrian malls

Smoking is banned at outdoor pedestrian malls.

This includes outdoor pedestrian malls that have been established under the City of Brisbane Act 2010, the Local Government Act 2009 or continued as a mall under the City of Brisbane Act 2010.

Skate parks

Smoking is banned at or within 10 metres of any part of a skate park. A skate park means a part of a public place constructed for the purpose of riding or skating on bicycles, rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards and scooters around or over obstacles, jumps or uneven surfaces.

Public swimming facilities

Smoking is banned at public swimming facilities.

A public swimming facility is a swimming pool that is owned or operated by a local government and is open to the public for swimming, whether or not on payment of money and the associated area for the swimming pool.

The associated area includes any of the following

  • an area rising from within the pool or a platform over the pool
  • an area providing access to the pool
  • an area adjacent to the pool provided for people to observe swimmers in the pool, change their clothing or sunbathe
  • diving boards and water slides for the pool
  • a kiosk and seating area adjacent to the pool
  • if the area surrounding the pool is enclosed by a fence or wall - the entire area enclosed by the fence or wall.

Children's playground equipment

Smoking is banned within 10 metres of children's outdoor playground equipment situated at a place that is ordinarily open to the public. This rule does not apply to smokers driving past a playground, or playground equipment at residential premises or land for example that is in a private backyard.

Outdoor eating or drinking areas

All commercial outdoor eating or drinking areas in Queensland are smoke-free.

An outdoor eating or drinking area is any outdoor area of a business where customers are allowed to consume food or drink that has been provided by the business.

Food or drink 'provided by the business' means table service, or service at a counter inside or from a food stall with the food or drink taken by customers to an outdoor eating or drinking area.

Patrolled beaches

Smoking is banned between the flags on a patrolled beach.

A patrolled beach is a beach on which red and yellow flags mark the boundaries for safe swimming. The smoking ban includes the area between the flags and down to the water and then back behind the flags to any road or park.

Outdoor swimming areas

Smoking is banned at these outdoor swimming areas between sunrise and sunset:

  • Airlie Beach Lagoon (Airlie Beach)
  • Bluewater Lagoon (Mackay)
  • Esplanade Lagoon (Cairns)
  • Riverway Lagoons (Thuringowa Central)
  • Rockpool (Townsville)
  • Settlement Cove Lagoon (Redcliffe)
  • Aquativity and Stream Surrounds, the Boat Pool or Main Lagoon (Southbank Parklands, Brisbane)
  • Yeppoon Lagoon (Yeppoon)

The ban covers the pools and the associated area for the pool.

The associated area for a pool is the area around the pool that includes any of the following

  • an area rising from within the pool or a platform over the pool
  • an area providing access to the pool
  • diving boards or water slides for the pool
  • an area adjacent to the pool that is provided for persons to observe swimmers in the pool, change their clothing or sunbathe
  • a kiosk or seating area adjacent to the pool
  • if the area surrounding the pool is enclosed by a fence or wall - the entire area enclosed by the fence or wall.

However, an associated area for a pool does not extend beyond the nearest path, boardwalk, road or thoroughfare, building, water course or other body of water, unless they provide access to the pool. If this does not limit an associated area to 20m from the edge of the pool, then 20m from the edge of the pool.

Major sports and event facilities

Smoking is banned in any part of major sports facilities declared under the Major Sports Facility Act 2001 and managed by Stadiums Queensland including:

  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Brisbane)
  • Queensland Country Bank Stadium (Townsville)
  • Townsville Stadium (Townsville)
  • The Gabba (Brisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane)
  • Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre (Brisbane)
  • Sleeman Sports Complex (Brisbane)
  • Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane)
  • Cbus Super Stadium (Gold Coast)
  • Queensland Tennis Centre (Brisbane)
  • Metricon Stadium (Gold Coast)

The ban does not apply to the roads, car parks, picnic areas or area of parkland of the sports stadium facilities.

Smoking is also banned at major event facilities, except in a nominated outdoor smoking place. A major event facility means the major event area prescribed by regulation under the Major Events Act 2014 for the period the area is a major event under that Act. An example of a major event facility is the V8 Supercars motor racing events held at Townsville and the Gold Coast.

Government precincts

Smoking is banned within particular government precincts, including:

  • 33 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
  • 41 George Street, Brisbane
  • 63 George Street, Brisbane
  • 111 George Street, Brisbane
  • Education House, 30 Mary Street, Brisbane
  • 61 Mary Street, Brisbane
  • 1 William Street, Brisbane
  • Claude Wharton Building, 46 Quay Street, Bundaberg
  • William McCormack Place, 5B Sheridan Street, Cairns
  • Mike Ahern Building, 12 First Avenue, Maroochydore
  • Brendan Hansen Building, 50–54 Main Street, Pialba
  • James Larcombe Place, 209 Bolsover Street, Rockhampton
  • Government Office Building No. 3, 187–209 Stanley Street, Townsville

The no smoking area includes land on which these buildings are located and the adjacent footpaths and nature strips.

Local Government – Public Space

Local government can ban smoking at outdoor public places not already covered by state-wide smoking laws. Creating smoke-free places: A guide for Queensland local governments (PDF 2792 kB) provides information and guidance to assist with managing and creating smoke-free public places.

Last updated: 7 September 2021

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Smoking laws:

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  • help for smoking product retailers, liquor licensed venue managers, businesses and organisations to understand and comply with the laws
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