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Joint agency review of the COVID-19 infection of a hotel worker (Hotel Grand Chancellor)

Queensland Health and the Queensland Police Service have finalised a joint-agency continuous improvement review of the COVID-19 infection of a hotel worker. The review focused on the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 infection of a hotel worker in Brisbane in January 2021.

Summary of the review

The extensive review considered a range of issues including genomic analysis, policies and procedures, CCTV, environmental factors, deep cleaning procedures, and infection prevention and control. The review team found no direct evidence to explain the transmission of the virus between guests in the two rooms and the cleaner. In particular, there was no evidence of any intentional or reckless actions of any party. The review team were also able to exclude air conditioning as a cause as there was no connection between the air-conditioning systems between the two rooms.

Outcomes and recommendations

The report made a number of key recommendations for improving training, procedures and hotel quarantine compliance. These recommendations cover these areas:

  • compliance monitoring
  • cleaning
  • infection prevention and control systems
  • policies and procedures
  • workplace culture
  • training materials
  • hotel guest pack and infection prevention and control information.
Last updated: 5 February 2021