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Private health facility licences

The licencing process involves compliance with various parts of the Private Health Facilities Act 1999, the Regulation 2016 and the (Standards) Notice 2016.

The information below details the licence types and an explanation of which forms and support documentation is required for each application. Read about the supporting documentation that is required for each application.

Please send all correspondence and supporting documentation to or post to PO Box 48, Brisbane, QLD 4000.

The application forms are formatted as interactive PDFs. Please open the forms in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Find help on line or contact us if you have trouble downloading or completing these forms or phone 07 3708 5325 for a PDF version of the form.

Change a licence to operate

Apply to change the conditions of your existing ‘licence to operate’ when you are changing:

Depending on the scope of the change there may be 2 steps involved in this process. Sometimes you will get initial approval and then we will schedule a site visit for ‘operational approval’. We will let you know if this is required. If proposing to provide mental health services and/or alcohol and other drug services refer to supporting documentation J.

Complete the Change to a licence to operate form (PDF 1007 kB)

Renew an existing licence

When the licence is first issued you choose to hold the licence for 1 year or 3 years. All licences being renewed in a year are renewed on the same date, 30 September.

You will receive notification from the department when your licence needs to be renewed. Once you have that notification, lodge the form by 31 August to allow 30 days processing time.

Complete the Renew an existing licence form (PDF 1005 kB)

Structural alterations or renovations (existing facilities)

Apply for approval to make alterations or to renovate your facility when the proposed changes impact:

  • the delivery of clinical services
  • bed numbers
  • change to the purpose or use of patient areas.

Depending on the scope of the change there may be 2 steps involved in this process. Sometimes you will get approval to make the renovations, and then we will schedule a site visit for ‘operational approval’ before you open the new facility. We will let you know if this is required.

Complete the Structural alterations or renovation form (PDF 1002 kB)

Build a new private hospital or day hospital

There is a 2-step process for approvals to build new facilities.

  1. seek approval for the new facility (building cannot commence until the application to build has been approved)
  2. apply for a licence to operate the new facility.

Step 1 – approval to build

At this stage we require information about the licensee, and their plans for the facility.

Complete the Application for approval to be an authority holder and/or build a new health facility form (PDF 1007 kB)

Change the approval terms

These approvals are valid for 2 years. If you need to:

Step 2 – licence to operate

This process should begin at least 3-6 months before opening. Part of the process involves a pre-licensing audit (onsite) which should be scheduled before the new facility is handed over. Most of the documentation should be complete 3-6 weeks before the pre-licensing audit to allow time for processing.

Complete the Licence to operate form (PDF 1005 kB)

Transfer a licence

A licence needs to be transferred if a private health facility is sold to another entity, or if there is any change to the licensee of the facility.

Complete the Transfer a licence form (PDF 1006 kB)

Last updated: 1 March 2021

Supporting documentation

Find a detailed breakdown of what documentation or evidence is needed to support each different licence application. Access supporting documentation templates to help you provide the evidence in the right format.