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Possession Licensees

The Radiation Health Unit is the radiation safety agency for Queensland. Our aim is to minimise health risks and protect the environment by providing advice on ionising and non-ionising radiation safety matters.

We have statewide policy, licensing and legislative responsibility for radiation health standards and safety.

Privacy Notice

Personal information collected by Radiation Health (as part of Queensland Health) is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) and Radiation Safety Act 1999. Radiation Health is collecting your personal information in order to manage/respond to your enquiry/notification. All personal information will be securely stored and is made available only to appropriately authorised officers of Queensland Health.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without consent, unless the disclosure is authorised or required by or under law. For information about how Queensland Health protects your personal information, or to learn about your right to access your own personal information, please see our website at

Contact form

Possession Licensees

Select one of the options below to submit an enquiry or notification to Radiation Health.

  • Inventory enquiry
    • Request a copy of your radiation source inventory list
  • Apparatus serial number change
    • Correct a radiation apparatus serial number
  • Disposal notification
    • Provide written notice that you have disposed of your radiation source
  • Relocation confirmation—source moved out of Queensland
    • Confirm that a radiation source has been relocated to a place outside of Queensland and that the new owner has taken possession of the source

Please submit your enquiry/notification using our online contact form.

In completing this online form, please do not provide personal information about any other person, for example by including their name, in your response.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

best contact number

If you provide an email address that uses a web-based email service whose servers are based in another country (e.g. Hotmail or Gmail), your personal information may be transferred outside of Australia. By providing the Email address, you voluntarily agree to this transfer.

Last updated: 2 December 2022