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Provision of compression garments

Queensland Health provides compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema to eligible Queensland residents.

Information for patients

Information for patients is available in the Provision of lymphoedema compression garments: Patient information sheet (PDF 92 kB).

Individuals are eligible if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Hold a Centrelink Pensioner or Health Care card
  • Are Medicare eligible
  • Have been assessed as having lymphoedema
  • Are aged over 16 years
  • Are an outpatient

This is a minimum eligibility standard – some health services may provide garments for a broader group of clients. If you do not meet these criteria, it is recommended that you contact your local health service to confirm your eligibility. Details are available at

Information for service providers and practitioners

Queensland Health supports the implementation of the Guideline for Compression Garments for Adults with Lymphoedema: Eligibility, Supply and Costing (PDF 169KB) to assist people with lymphoedema in accessing compression garments. The Guideline provides recommendations regarding eligibility criteria and payment responsibilities for the provision of compression garments to adults with lymphoedema. This Guideline applies to all Hospital and Health Services (HHS), clinicians who prescribe compression garments to adults with lymphoedema and the facilities which provide these garments and/ or which are responsible for the payments of these garments.

  • The Compression garment selection, fitting and monitoring procedure (PDF 198 kB) describes the processes for Hospital and Health Services to implement the Guideline, including eligibility criteria, care provision, supply and costs of garments.
    • Eligible patients may be provided a garment by a referring non-Queensland Health service provider according to the process detailed in the procedure.
  • The Queensland Health prescription / order form (Word 97-2003 compatible (DOC 448 kB) or Word 2016 / Mac compatible (DOCX 257 kB)) must be completed by all non-Queensland Health prescribers. Prescriptions will be accepted from appropriately trained and experienced clinicians. The clinical prescription/order form must be returned to the "residential" Hospital and Health Service of the patient/consumer. To find a health care facility by region click here.

For more information regarding the supply of compression garments in your local area contact your nearest hospital or health service. Details are available at

Practitioner Education resources

The compression garment selection, fitting and monitoring education resources sits on the iLearn platform and is comprised of two components. Firstly, generalist therapists independently complete a self-guided learning package. Following this, therapists are required to link with a lymphoedema therapist for a period of supported practice. The supported practice guidelines provide a framework for this practice period, using a coaching approach.

To register for the education package:

  • arrange a log in for iLearn at (if you do not already have one)
  • go to "Browse Courses" on the top of the page, search for "compression garment"
  • the (AHPOQ-C) Compression Garment Education Package will appear - click to enrol

Contact for further information about this course. For iLearn log in issues, please call 1800 198 175.

Compression Garment Service Model

The Compression Garment Selection, Fitting and Monitoring Project for Malignancy Related Lymphoedema was funded by the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland (AHPOQ) to support the implementation of the Guideline. Phase 1 of the projected developed and trialled the Compression Garment Selection, Fitting and Monitoring Service Model (“the service model”). Phase two of the project promoted and expanded “the service model” for the provision of compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema.

The service model involves compression garment selection, fitting and monitoring provided by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and podiatrists (Queensland Health and non-who have not completed a formal lymphoedema training program (i.e. Level 1 or 2 course), but have completed, the Compression garment, selection, fitting and monitoring education with professional support of lymphoedema therapists, supported by telehealth (where relevant), implementation resources and governance processes.

The Compression Garment Selection, Fitting and Monitoring Project for Malignancy related Lymphoedema Project Completion Report (PDF 604 kB) provides details on the implementation and evaluation of the project.

Last updated: 14 September 2020

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