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Practitioner tools and resources

Clinical Task Instructions

Clinical task instructions or "CTIs" describe the best practice process for undertaking a delegated or skill shared tasks. CTIs are used for training and competency assessment and also for monitoring and governance of the delegated or skill-shared task.

Practitioner information for compression garments

The guideline's recommendations on eligibility criteria and payment responsibilities for the provision of compression garments apply to all Hospital and Health Services and are targeted at prescribing clinicians and to facilities which handle payment for these garments.

Workforce redesign and reform initiatives

Snapshots of success

A number of workforce redesign and reform initiatives have been undertaken across Queensland Health under the Health Practitioner Models of Care project. Many have potential for application to other sites. Information and resources are available to support Hospital and Health Services who wish to implement the following models.

  • Workforce redesign and reform initiatives resources

iLearn@QHealth allied health training courses

A number of allied health-specific education packages exist which can be accessed via iLearn:

  • Clinical Educator Preparation and Support: an introductory level course to guide health professionals through the experience of supervising students during clinical placements.
  • Allied Health Data Collection: two modules relating to the collection and recording of allied health activity data within Queensland Health.
  • Compression Garment Education Package: education resources to support compression garment selection, fitting and monitoring.
  • Pathology for Allied Health Professionals: training which supports the implementation of models of care that include allied health pathology requesting protocols.
  • Provision of Advice on Insulin Dose Training Package: training which supports health professionals undertaking local credentialing for the provision of advice on insulin dose.

For further information on how to register for an iLearn account, please visit the iLearn FAQ page.

Last updated: 19 October 2016

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