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About the Mental Health Act 2016

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Explaining the Act

Objects and principles

Chief Psychiatrist Annual Reports

Explaining the Act

A guide to the Mental Health Act 2016 has been developed to help you understand the Act. The guide summarises key areas of the Act and provides references for those who want to refer to the legislation for a more detailed understanding.

You can also read the overview resources and watch the introduction to the Act video, which explain the key features and provisions of the Act.

Objects and principles

The Mental Health Act 2016 has 3 main objects:

  • to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of persons who have a mental illness who do not have the capacity to consent to be treated
  • to enable persons to be diverted from the criminal justice system if found to have been of unsound mind at the time of committing an unlawful act or to be unfit for trial
  • to protect the community if persons diverted from the criminal justice system may be at risk of harming others.

The Mental Health Act 2016 is built around two sets of principles - one set applies to persons who have, or may have, a mental illness and the other applies to victims of an unlawful act.

You can watch the video objects and principles, and administering the Act to learn more.

Chief Psychiatrist Annual Reports

Under Section 307 of the Mental Health Act 2016 the Chief Psychiatrist is required to prepare and present an annual report to the Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services. The report is tabled by the Minister in the Legislative Assembly.

The annual report details the administration of the Mental Health Act 2016 and associated activities and achievements over the financial year to inform the Minister, the Queensland Parliament and members of the public.

Prior to the introduction of the Mental Health Act 2016 on 5 March 2017, the Director of Mental Health was required to prepare an annual report under the now repealed Mental Health Act 2000.

Please contact the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist for earlier annual reports.

Phone: 3328 9899 or free call 1800 989 451

Last updated: 15 October 2018

Mental Health Act Liaison Service

Contact a Mental Health Act Liaison Officer for information about the Mental Health Act 2016.

Phone: (07) 3328 9899 or 1800 989 451