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Chief Psychiatrist policies

The Chief Psychiatrist is an independent statutory officer with functions, powers and responsibilities under the Mental Health Act 2016 including the ability to make policies to facilitate its proper and efficient administration. Chief Psychiatrist policies are mandatory for anyone performing a function under the Mental Health Act 2016 such as administrators of authorised mental health services, doctors and authorised mental health practitioners.

The Mental Health Act 2016 promotes least restrictive interventions and delivery of patient centred treatment and care. The policies below have been formally made by the Chief Psychiatrist and reflect the Chief Psychiatrist’s responsibility to protect the rights of all patients receiving involuntary treatment and care in Queensland and the rights of voluntary inpatients in authorised mental health services.

In addition, Queensland Health staff have obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019 to make decisions and act in ways that are compatible with human rights. When making a decision under a directive, policy or guideline, decision-makers must comply with their obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019 including that a doctor or authorised health practitioner must explain to or refer the person, if requested, to the Human Rights Act 2019. For more information on the Human Rights Act 2019, visit or the Queensland Human Rights Commission website.

Further information about the requirements of the Mental Health Act 2016 and additional resources supporting Chief Psychiatrist policies such as fact sheets, videos and brochures are available on relevant Key topics pages. Key topic pages provide an explanation of key provisions of the Mental Health Act 2016 to educate and inform readers of their application in mental health services.

Resource: Chief Psychiatrist Policies - All (PDF 8165 kB)

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Last updated: 20 July 2021


Mental Health Act 2016 forms associated with the Chief Psychiatrist Practice Guidelines.

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