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Chief Psychiatrist policies and guidelines

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Chief psychiatrist policies

Chief Psychiatrist guidelines

Chief Psychiatrist policies

The Mental Health Act 2016 enables the Chief Psychiatrist to make policies that are binding on anyone who performs a function under the Act—such as administrators, doctors and authorised mental health practitioners.

The following policies have been formally made by the Chief Psychiatrist.

Examinations, assessments and treatment authorities

Treatment and care

Patient rights

Courts and forensic patients

Restrictive practices

Mental Health Review Tribunal

Act administration

Chief Psychiatrist guidelines

The Mental Health Act 2016 enables the Chief Psychiatrist to make practice guidelines. A person performing a function under the Act must comply with a practice guideline.

The practice guidelines are primarily intended for Authorised Mental Health Service staff and relate to the administration of the Act.

All published practice guidelines have been approved by the Chief Psychiatrist.

Last updated: 10 June 2019


Mental Health Act 2016 forms associated with the Chief Psychiatrist Practice Guidelines.

Mental Health Act Liaison Service

Contact a Mental Health Act Liaison Officer for information about the Mental Health Act 2016.

Phone: (07) 3328 9899 or 1800 989 451