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About the list of approved medicines

The list of approved medicines (LAM) is the official statewide formulary for medicines approved for use in all Queensland Health public hospitals and institutions. It is a limited list of medicines created, maintained and reviewed by the Queensland Health Medicines Advisory Committee (QHMAC), which consists of representatives from a range of different specialities and health professionals, within Queensland Health.

Search the LAM online

You can search the LAM (which is best viewed and most easily accessed in Microsoft Edge). Search for a medicine by generic or brand name.

The LAM has enhanced functionality. Medicine monographs include Queensland Health restrictions, PBS details and access to other clinical resources including MIMS information and statewide guidelines.

The formulary notes (PDF 259 kB) contain additional background information about Queensland Health's limited formulary approach, associated processes, procedures and guidelines for medicines on the LAM.

For those who do not have a Queensland Health email address and password a static printable list (PDF 527 kB) (without extended functionality) is available.

For more information contact Medication Services Queensland on email

Last updated: 17 June 2022