Queensland Opioid Treatment Program

The Queensland Opioid Treatment Program (QOTP) began in 1977 and provides treatment for opioid dependence, including prescription opioids. The aim of treatment is to reduce the health, social and economic harms to individuals and the community.

The Department of Health provides clinical guidelines support of the program and provides regulatory oversight as appropriate in line with the requirements of the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and Medicines and Poisons (Medicines) Regulation 2021. Opioid treatment is available from public clinics and private prescribers in Queensland.

QOTP-related legislative guidance for prescribers and pharmacists is available in Queensland Opioid Treatment Program: A guide to key legislative requirements under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 (PDF 573 kB).

Prescribers and pharmacies

Medical practitioners or nurse practitioners can be prescribers for the QOTP. Prescribers are required to complete training and obtain approval from Queensland Health before being able to prescribe approved opioids under the program to persons with opioid dependence.

Community pharmacies are another key partner in the delivery of opioid treatment. More than one third of Queensland pharmacies now participate in the QOTP.

If you would like to become a treatment provider or would like your pharmacy to become involved in delivering this important public health program, please contact us at QOTP@health.qld.gov.au.

Information about Commonwealth PBS reforms from 1 July 2023

From 1 July 2023, Opioid dependence treatment (ODT) medicines will become part of the Section 100 Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) Program (Community Access) arrangements.

This means ODT medicines will be dispensed in the same way as other community access Section 100 HSD Program medicines from section 90 approved community pharmacies, section 92 approved medical practitioners, and section 94 approved hospital authorities (public and private).

Further information for prescribers, pharmacies and patients on the PBS listing changes for ODT medicines is available on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) website for Opiate Dependence Treatment Program.

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Queensland Opioid Treatment Program
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Last updated: 27 October 2023