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The Viewer

Having the right information at the right time is critical in supporting doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care – The Viewer helps achieve this.

Available on computers and mobile devices, The Viewer collates data from multiple Queensland Health systems, enabling healthcare professionals, including general practitioners, to access patients' information quickly, without having to log in to different systems.


The Viewer saves healthcare professionals time and allows them to make clinical decisions supported by comprehensive, current and accurate patient information. The Viewer improves patient care by:

  • providing quick and easy access to comprehensive patient information from more than 15 applications
  • reducing time spent locating medical records
  • providing access to patient information stored on systems which may not be available at that facility
  • increasing visibility of speciality information (e.g. oncology, cardiology, endoscopy and mental health)
  • reducing need to sign into multiple systems
  • improving decision making and reducing risk of medication errors.

The Viewer provides access to a range of patient information, including:

  • Patient demographics, admission and discharge history
  • Validated pathology results and tests ordered
  • My Health Record
  • Mental health data
  • Problems and primary diagnosis from emergency departments and hospital admissions
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medication profiles and adverse reactions
  • Operation notes and elective surgery waitlist information
  • Radiology results
  • Oncology information
  • Alerts
  • Endoscopy reports
  • Advance Care Planning/Statement of Choices documents
  • Acute management plans
  • Clinical reports
  • Medical images.

Ongoing improvement

The Viewer team continually works with clinicians and Queensland Health staff to ensure the app meets their needs, with regular enhanced releases.

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Last updated: 8 August 2019