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Online RN Education

Online Module

CPCRE offers an online education module 'Palliative Care Nursing in Various Contexts' as a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) continuing professional education unit. In 2020 students can make big savings on the normal cost of this unit.

The module provides RNs with an interest in palliative care, but little experience, opportunity to extend their knowledge of palliative care. It provides a beginning level of knowledge in this important area of care, but will not make them a specialist palliative care nurse.

In 2020 the module will be delivered from 20 July to 23 October.

  • From a past student: I applied for a secondment to the palliative care team at a major Brisbane hospital but was unsuccessful. After completing this unit, I applied again for the same position and was successful. The interview panel told me I was successful because I’d completed this professional development course.

For further information and to enrol:

If you successfully complete the modules and assessment, you will receive credit towards one elective unit in NS32 Graduate Certificate in Nursing or NS85 Master of Nursing.

See the Unit Outline for more details about the unit.  

For more information contact:

John Haberecht (CPCRE) Tel: 07 3646 8197 E:

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost? The unit costs in 2020 will be variable. See the table below.

Course fees

  • How do I register? Go to the QUT webpage for the unit.
  • Who provides the unit? It is offered as part of QUT's Continuing Professional Education program in conjunction with CPCRE.
  • Can I pay by instalment? QUT does not offer payment options unfortunately; payment must be made before the unit begins.
  • I'm an EN; can I do this unit? Sorry, the unit is open to Registered Nurses only.
  • I'm a specialist palliative care nurse; is this suitable for me? The unit is designed for RNs interested in palliative care but with little experience in the area. If you are already a specialist palliative care nurse, it's likely you will know most, if not all, of what is taught in this unit.
  • How much time will I need to commit? The time commitment is approximately 10 hours/week for reading, preparing for assessments, and participation.
  • Will this make me a specialist palliative care nurse? On completion, students will be prepared to a beginning level of understanding of palliative care and management of relevant symptoms - i.e. they will not yet be specialist palliative care nurses.
  • Will I receive credit towards other QUT courses? If you successfully complete the modules and assessment you will be eligible to receive credit (advanced standing) towards one elective unit in NS32 Graduate Certificate in Nursing or NS85 Master of Nursing.
  • Who is the unit coordinator? John Haberecht, Director of Learning & Development at CPCRE currently coordinates the unit, and maintains contact with all students.
  • Will QUT send copies of readings/journal articles? All copies of required readings such as journal articles or book portions are available to students online. No copies of materials will be sent out.
  • Do I get access to QUT Library? Students have access to QUT's online library database and online journals for their own research.
  • Will I need to go to a QUT campus? The unit is offered totally online so there is no requirement for students to physically attend any campus.
  • I don't have access to a computer; will that make a difference? Because the unit is offered totally online, students need access to a computer at home with internet connection. It may be possible to complete the unit with work computer access only, but in practice that is difficult and it is much better to have home access.
Last updated: 27 May 2020