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CPCRE - Staff Publications

Refereed Publications:


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Haberecht J, Good P, Hardy J. Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education (CPCRE) 2013, Web App – “GP Pain Help” – available at  CPCRE launched the App at the ACRRM Conference, Cairns, Australia on 2nd November 2013. (This application suitable for iPhone/Android phone Smart Phones/ and free to download from the internet. Technical development by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine).

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Published Extracts:

Skerman H, Yates P, Battistutta D. A path analysis modeling the symptom experience of cancer patients commencing adjuvant treatment in ambulatory clinics. Oncology Nursing Forum, 2007; 34(1), 214.

Yates P, White E, Skerman H. Evaluating alternative approaches for delivering non-pharmacological interventions for dyspnoea in patients with lung cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 2007; 34(2), 551.

Book Chapters:

Yates P.
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Non-Refereed Publications:

Laurent K. PEPA Update. Nurses Oncology Interest Group Newsletter Cancer Council Queensland Sep 2008.

Laurent K. PEPA Update. Allied Health Oncology Interest Group Newsletter Cancer Council Queensland Nov 2008.

Hardy J. Quality use of medicines in palliative care. Cancer Forum, 2007; 31 (1), 9-12.

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Last updated: 2 October 2015