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Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education - Research

CPCRE has a mandate to encourage quality palliative care research in Queensland through:

  • facilitating partnerships between existing researchers;
  • providing forums where research can be shared; and
  • fostering skill development in research to encourage greater participation.

The Centre has several key tasks in relation to research. These include:

  • engendering a culture of enquiry within the discipline of palliative care;
  • building a research capacity within the State through increasing opportunities to acquire skills in research;
  • bringing like minded researchers together; and
  • assisting people with good ideas but insufficient skills to get their ideas up and running.

Ultimately, through the support of CPCRE, it is hoped the research capacity of the palliative care community will be strengthened, with research ideas being transformed into reality - improved outcomes for patients and families.

CPCRE Research Activity - RBWH Research Report 2019

Queensland Palliative Care Research Group (QPCRG)

Last updated: 25 January 2021