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Food Safety

Food safety is an important issue. Consumers trust that the food they purchase will be safe and of the quality that would be expected. Consumers also expect to be provided with information that can help them to make informed decisions about the composition of food products, and that this information, whether provided on product labels or through advertising, is not false or misleading.

Queensland's food regulatory framework is in place to ensure these issues are addressed by all food businesses and there are significant penalties for food businesses that do not comply with these laws.

Each of the links below provide general information about various food safety issues, information on the legislative requirements of food businesses and access to resources for each subject matter for further information.


Food Act 2006

Notice of Isolation of a Prescribed Contaminant
This form is for use by Queensland laboratories and food businesses for notification of the isolation of a prescribed contaminant in a prescribed food to the Department of Health, as required under the Food Act 2006. Oral notification to the Department of Health is required immediately, and the completed notice of isolation of a prescribed contaminant must be sent within 24 hours of the isolation.

Please note: The guidance provided in these documents is not legally binding and it is important to note that these guidelines are not subordinate legislation.

Food safety program development tools

Food safety auditors

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Auditor forms and templates

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Food safety fact sheets

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General information

Food labelling and composition:

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