QG Breakfast - 6 August 2019

Queensland Health, in partnership with the Public Service Commission, holds three breakfast events per year to help promote initiatives associated with the Queensland Government Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2015 – 2020.

The QG Breakfast Series, hosted by the Women’s Network was initiated by the Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services Division, Queensland Health who is the sponsor of the Department of Health Women’s Network. The first breakfast event was held in November 2017 and has continued to grow since its inception, addressing topics such as:

  • Supporting women to stay connected and engaged in a changing world.
  • Owning and leading performance: building resilience and leading teams through cultural change.
  • Transformation and better ways of working. A panel discussion on flexible work arrangements.
  • Representation Matters: How can men advocate for, and act to, advance gender equity?
  • Workplace inclusion—leading an inclusive workforce.

6 Aug 2019 | Embracing technology for a bright future

The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said “there is nothing permanent except change”, and our workplaces are no exception.

The invention and introduction of new technologies constantly shapes and changes the way we work and can have both positive and negative effects on the workforce. From inventions as old as the lightbulb and typewriter, to the latest technologies affecting how we work today, as new technology continues to disrupt workplaces, it’s imperative we understand the impacts of new technology, and how we can position our organisations to effectively support our people as our workplace biggest assets.

Through a series of presentations by subject matter experts and a moderated panel discussion, this event, the second in the 2019 QG Breakfast Series, looked at innovation in the workplace and the advancement of women through technology, focusing on the future of work and workplace upskilling, mindset transformation, and ethics and artificial intelligence.

At the event, attendees heard from:

  • Brett Hall, Acting Executive Director, Jobs Queensland
  • Peter Fitzsimon, Consultant, Strategic Transformation, Queensland Government Chief Information Office
  • Fiona Habermehl, Asia Pacific Assurance Technology Leader, EY
  • Nasa Walton, Chief Digital Officer, Residential Tenancies Authority

For more information email QGBreakfastSeries@health.qld.gov.au

Upcoming QG Breakfast Series events

The QG Breakfast Series events are held three times per year, with the final event for 2019 scheduled to be held on Tuesday 8 October.

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