QG Breakfast - 18 March 2021

QG Breakfast Series – 18 March 2021

Queensland Health, in partnership with the Public Service Commission, holds breakfast events each year to help promote initiatives associated with the Queensland Government.

The QG Breakfast Series, hosted by the Women’s Network, was initiated by the Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services Division, Queensland Health who is the sponsor of the Department of Health Women’s Network. The first breakfast event was held in November 2017 and has grown significantly since its inception, addressing topics such as:

  • Supporting women to stay connected and engaged in a changing world.
  • Owning and leading performance: building resilience and leading teams through cultural change.
  • Transformation and better ways of working. A panel discussion on flexible work arrangements.
  • Representation Matters: How can men advocate for, and act to, advance gender equity?
  • Workplace inclusion—leading an inclusive workforce.
  • Embracing technology for a bright future.
  • Drivers of change: Male champions and meaningful partnerships.

Looking after yourself and your wellbeing during COVID-19. How did Queensland’s Chief Health Officer not burnout during the pandemic?

The Women’s Network, in partnership with the Public Service Commission, held the first event of the 2021 QG Breakfast Series events on Thursday 18 March 2021.

This event focussed on the significant changes we have all experienced over the last 12 months, and the ongoing challenge of looking after our wellbeing. This first event had a particular focus on courage, resilience, determination and leadership, and was illustrated by how Dr Jeannette Young has managed this throughout the pandemic.

Hosted in recognition of Queensland Women’s Week, this event was themed: ‘Looking after yourself and your wellbeing during COVID-19. How did Queensland’s Chief Health Officer not burnout during the pandemic?’.

Dr Young delivered the keynote address before participating in a panel discussion with:

  • Ivan Frkovic, Commissioner, Mental Health Commission
  • Todd Wehr, Priority One, Queensland Ambulance Service.

Did you miss the QG Breakfast event?

QG Breakfast event – 18 March 2021

Video - QG Breakfast event (1hr,18mins)
Video - transcript (PDF 299 kB)

Dr Jeannette Young’s speech

Video - Dr Jeannette Young (20mins,25secs)
Video - transcript (PDF 232 kB)

Looking after yourself resources

Being mentally healthy and living well is important to every single one of us. But how often do we take the time to reflect on whether we are giving ourselves what we need to flourish and live well?

The Women’s Network have developed a resource to support your health and wellbeing beyond the event. The resource pack includes some short self-assessment activities for you to be able to assess your own health and wellbeing and also links to organisations and additional resources to better support your psychological, physical, financial, social and workplace wellbeing.

Resource pack

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