Water testing

Our public health laboratories conduct radiological, chemical and microbial tests on water samples to ensure that they are safe.

We can provide water testing services for private clients; however, most water testing and surveillance requests come from local councils and water regulatory bodies.

Our laboratories are accredited by NATA against ISO standards for water testing and analysis.

  • What we test

    Our water testing services, including what we commonly test for and how to engage us.

  • Algal blooms and toxins

    Here you'll find information about water testing for toxic algal blooms performed by the Organic Chemistry team at Forensic and Scientific Services.

  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products

    Environmental, ground and waste water testing for medications, cosmetics, lotions, sunscreen and other substances.

  • Water quality monitoring

    Water quantity and quality monitoring, ecosystem health and drinking water regulation in Queensland.

  • Harmful algae outbreaks

    Who to contact if you identify an algal bloom in a water body.

Last updated: 6 September 2022