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Record keeping

Record keeping ensures accurate and reliable baseline data and records are available during a review, incident or audit process.


Under section 61D(d) of the Public Health Act 2005, a water risk management plan (WRMP) must include record keeping (how results obtained from procedures and schedules set up to implement the control measures will be kept).

Components of a WRMP that require record keeping include but are not limited to:

Records should have details of, but not limited to: when; where; who performed the task, the result and the corrective action followed (if required).

Records should be checked for completeness of the record entry or document (minutes), either by the supervisor of the person undertaking the task, or another position specified in the WRMP.


Record keeping entry for the operational monitoring parameter, temperature:

DateLocationResultCritical LimitsCorrective actionInitials
Last updated: 1 June 2021