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Spleen Australia registry

If you do not have a spleen (asplenia), or have reduced spleen function (hyposplenism), you can register with Spleen Australia to access information and support to assist with managing this aspect of your health.

Registered patients will receive:

  • medical information on managing asplenia or hyposplenism
  • a credit-card sized 'spleen alert card' - to be carried at all times in case of emergencies - as well as other educational material
  • an annual newsletter providing reminders for flu vaccinations and booster vaccinations
  • access to phone support for questions, via 1800 SPLEEN (1800 775 336) information on where in Queensland they can access medical advice for overseas travel.

Spleen Australia will also ensure that the doctors of registered Queenslanders receive consistent, best-practice recommendations for the prevention and treatment of overwhelming post-splenectomy infection (OPSI).

Registrations for Spleen Australia can be completed on the Spleen Australia website. Alternatively, a hard copy of the registration form and consent form can be faxed or posted.

A consent form signed by the patient and their legal guardian (if relevant) forms part of the registration process. The consent gives Spleen Australia the approval to hold and share personal patient information with their medical team.

For help completing registration, contact Spleen Australia on 1800 SPLEEN (1800 775 336)

*Any information provided to the registry will be kept confidential at all times.

Information for patients who lack a functioning spleen

Following a splenectomy or a diagnosis of hyposlenism, it is important that you understand how to keep healthy and take necessary steps to do so.

Spleen Australia can help you and your family manage your health by providing information and support.

Registering with Spleen Australia gives:

  • patients and their families access to important information and support
  • doctors of registered patients access to consistent, best-practice recommendations for the prevention and treatment of OPSI.

Registered patients also give Spleen Australia consent to send their doctor a Spleen Australia Report and to discuss their healthcare with them, if necessary.

More information for people who lack a functioning spleen.

Important resources

More information

If you have questions or concerns about the registry visit the Spleen Australia website, call 1800 SPLEEN (1800 775 336) or email

Last updated: 5 May 2015