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QALS - Registration

Register With QALS

Registration with QALS is a simple process, of one to four (1-4) pages required, depending on the circumstances identified below, with a copy of the persons Medicare card and proof of residency required.

Determination of Eligibility

  • Must be listed on a current and open Australian Medicare Card, (not a temporary issued Medicare Card or limited residential status).
  • Must be an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or hold a protected special category visa (SCV)
  • Be permanently residing in Queensland
  • Assessed and deemed competent and suitable to use a prosthetic limb by a Rehabilitation Specialist, if recently undergone an amputation or osseointegration clinical procedure.
  • Not obtaining prosthetic funding support or services from another Government agency or service (State / National or Overseas); insurance agency; private industry; sponsorship agreements; personal or industry donations; or not-for-profit organisations.
  • QALS will determine eligibility if the client is visiting, or recently moved from interstate or from overseas on a case by case basis.
  • Client seeking compensation (including WorkCover) will need to complete additional correspondence and forms if seeking temporary prosthetic funding assistance until their legal proceedings are determined.
  • Client who has received compensation will be determined eligibility based on number of extenuating factors and legislative rulings and should contact the QALS office for further advice.

In general, permanent Queensland residents who are listed on a current and open Australian Medicare Card may be eligible for prosthetic service funding support under the Queensland Government ‘artificial limb scheme’. All applications are reviewed and processed under the current Health Care Agreement and/or Health Insurances Act.

Phone QALS on 07 3136 3660 to establish your eligibility and funding entitlements under the State Governments Artificial Limb Scheme

A person who has recently undergone an amputation will need to complete a rehabilitation program using an interim prosthetic limb, at an amputee outpatient clinic in participating public and private health facilities. Interim prosthetic limbs are generally provided free of charge in public hospitals which provide an amputee rehabilitation service. Once the interim rehabilitation is complete, mobility and clinical assessments will be completed by the multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team (MDT) associated with the amputee clinic and forwarded onto QALS to commence a person's registration process. QALS will send registration paperwork to commence the registration process upon receiving the paperwork completed by the MDT without the person having to contact QALS. Registration paperwork may take up-to 5 business days to arrive from the QALS office.

A person who has moved from interstate or overseas, to live permanently in Queensland, requiring a definitive prosthetic limb for basic mobility with their daily activities, should contact QALS for the appropriate registration and transfer of prosthetic services paperwork.

If a person has been compensated, or seeking compensation, for injuries and/or limb loss, then some additional paperwork may be required before eligibility of prosthetic funding under the Artificial Limb Scheme can be established.

Last updated: 2 March 2022