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Healthy Food Access Basket

2014 Healthy Food Access Basket Survey

Overview and summary of the methods, locations, and households surveyed, and previous survey results.

Cost of the Healthy Food Access Basket in 2014

Average cost across household types, and cost comparison with generic (non-branded) products.

Average costs by food category in 2014

Average cost for 5 food groups, 5 unhealthy foods, and 2 tobacco items, and the price difference between very remote areas and major cities.

Cost of following the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for a 6 person household in 2014

Comparison between original survey items and 2014 items by food category.

Affordability of healthy foods by household type in 2014

Costs were estimated for households made up of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 people.

Comparison of Healthy Food Access Basket 2006 to 2014

Changes in cost between the original survey items and data collected in 2006, 2010, and 2014.

Healthy food availability in 2014

Comparison of fruit and vegetable availability by location, and item availability across Queensland.

Strategies for retailers to encourage healthy food purchases

How supermarkets and other food retailers can encourage customers to make healthy food purchases.

Healthy Food Access Basket Survey - Previous reports

Overview and methodology of the 2014 HFAB, and links to previous surveys.

Last updated: 24 March 2016