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Strategies for retailers to encourage healthy food purchases

Supermarkets and smaller grocery stores play an important role in the health of Queenslanders.

Pricing, product placement, labelling and promotional strategies are important tools to influence purchasing decisions.

Strategies to influence healthier purchasing decisions

  • Prominent, well-stocked displays and promotion of vegetables, legumes, fruit, wholegrain breads and cereals, lean meat and poultry, and reduced fat milk, yoghurt and cheese.
  • Incentives for customers to purchase more vegetables and fruit.
  • Cross-subsidisation to keep healthy food at a lower cost compared to less healthy choices.
  • Tips for storage and preparation, healthy recipes and other information to encourage purchase of healthy foods.
  • Health Star Rating front-of-pack labelling on packaged foods and shelf labels for fresh, unpackaged foods.
  • Reformulation of private-label products to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and/or salt.
  • Caps on shelf space available for unhealthy products.
  • Check-outs free of confectionery and sugar-sweetened beverages.
Last updated: 27 October 2015