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Full 2018 Chief Health Officer report

The health of Queenslanders (PDF 3217 kB) is a report on the health status of the population from the Chief Health Officer (CHO).

The report has 3 objectives:

  • to provide a public assessment of the health status of the population
  • to be a reference document for health practitioners in Queensland
  • to inform strategic policy and planning within Queensland Health.

We are committed to informing Queenslanders about the performance of the health system through regular reporting on the health status and burden of disease of the state's population.

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Report by section

Read the Full report (PDF 3217 kB), or by sections:


Front section (PDF 493 kB):

  • Title page and message from the Chief Health Officer
  • Contents
  • Key facts at a glance: all persons, females, males, older Queenslanders (infographic)
  • About this report
  • Indicators of progress (XLSX 2473 kB) – data tables for all persons, males and females.

What does the future hold?

Chapter 1 (PDF 103 kB):

  • The past 10 years
  • Looking ahead to the next 10 years
  • Action to manage our future burden.

Queensland's population

Chapter 2 (PDF 107 kB):

  • Growing and ageing
  • Children and young people
  • Indigenous Queenslanders
  • Population growth
  • Employment
  • Disabilities
  • Diversifying
  • Selected highlights from the regions
  • Where will we be in the future?

Burden of disease and injury

Chapter 3 (PDF 109 kB):

  • Queensland burden of disease
  • Indigenous Queenslander burden of disease
  • Australia and international rankings.

Lifetime health

Chapter 4 (PDF 451 kB):

  • Living longer
  • Living with disability
  • Getting a healthy start
  • Life course: children and adults
  • The health of Indigenous Queenslanders — including a case study
  • Environments to support healthy lifestyles
  • Selected highlights from the regions.

Death and dying

Chapter 5 (PDF 159 kB):

  • Causes of death
  • Dying early or in later years
  • Major trends
  • Lifestyle related differences
  • Selected highlights from the regions
  • National and international comparisons.

The growing hospital burden

Chapter 6 (PDF 233 kB):

  • Headline hospital statistics
  • Hospitalisations for Indigenous Queenslanders
  • Leading specific causes for admitted patients
  • Hospitalisations associated with preventable causes
  • Selected highlights from the regions
  • Where will we be in 2026?
  • National comparisons.

The cost of delivering health

Chapter 7 (PDF 222 kB):

  • Health system expenditure
  • Cost by disease group
  • Selected trends
  • Spending over the life course
  • Future health costs
  • Expenditure on health for Indigenous Australians
  • Economic benefits of prevention and healthy lifestyles
  • International comparisons.

Risk and protective factors

Chapter 8 (PDF 1603 kB):

  • Smoking – including a case study
  • Food and nutrition – including a case study
  • Weight status – including a case study
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Physical activity – including a case study
  • Dental and oral health – including a case study
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Sun safety
  • Cancer screening
  • Illicit drug use
  • Immunisation
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Environmental risks.

End matter

Terminology, definitions, index, and references.

Supporting documents and resources


  • Details to be provided as required.
Last updated: 15 November 2018