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Legislation, standards and building codes


Private Health Facilities Act 1999
The Legislative Assembly passed the Private Health Facilities Act 1999 on the 23 November 1999. The main objective of the Act is to provide a framework to protect the health and wellbeing of patients receiving services at private health facilities.

Private Health Facilities Regulation 2016

Private Health Facilities (Standards) Amendment Notice 2019

Private Health Facilities Standards:

Building Codes

Queensland development code MP5.5

New building requirements for private health facilities are contained in Part 5.5 of the Queensland Development Code. The purpose of these requirements is to facilitate the safety and care of patients and the safety of staff and the public in private health facilities. The Code addresses the following:

  • Access and egress
  • Call Systems
  • Corridors
  • Designated Specialist areas
  • Electrical and Fire Requirements
  • Safety
  • Service and Utility Facilities
  • Space allocation
  • Staff Stations

Australasian health facility guidelines (HFG)

The Australasian HFG's provide consistent design considerations and planning information for use by industry groups in the planning and designing of health facilities.

Clinical Services Capability Framework (CSCF)

The Clinical Services Capability Framework (CSCF) gives a standard set of minimum capability criteria for service planning and delivery.

Read about the CSCF and find

  • an overview of all the modules
  • companion document for private health facilities
  • information about templates for defining services to be offered within private health facilities
Last updated: 12 January 2021